BTS Launch 'BT21' Emoji Collection with Line Friends

The guys in K-pop boy band BTS have officially become emoji artists thanks to a collaboration with LINE FRIENDS.
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WATCH: Most-Used Emojis About Taylor Swift Revealed

Taylor Swift has just announced her forthcoming album, Reputation , will be released November 10. Have you noticed certain emojis taking over your social media accounts the past few days? According to Twitter staffer Siobhan Murphy , since Friday the most-used emojis have been the peeping eyeballs...
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Emojis With Better Hairstyles Might Be Coming Soon!

Currently, emojis have very few hairstyle options. So it can be super tough to choose one that looks like you, right? Well, emojis with new hairstyles might be coming our way very soon! The almighty emoji commit (how does one get on that, by the way?) is focusing on four additional emoji selections...
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