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ooo juicy...Justin Bieber caught kissing a fan

If you're a huge Biebs fan...there's hope that you might score a kiss

Here he is with a fan after a show in Toronto. 
Her friend, who took the picture said
"Justin and my friend Michelle kissed behind the Four Seasons Hotel while he was in town for a concert. I didn't feel right about releasing the pic before, but now its fine 'cuz its been a while."

btw- This picture was taken before he started dating Selena Gomez


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01/13/2011 7:56AM
ooo juicy...Justin Bieber caught kissing a fan
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01/13/2011 11:50AM
JB is a playerrrr. yuppp.
01/13/2011 3:09PM
he is so annoying i cant stand this child usher dropped some spots on my list for creating this joke
01/13/2011 7:39PM
Omg I am totally one of his fans!! He is so sexy!!! Mabey we can kiss sometime!!!!!
01/15/2011 1:10PM
Justin Bieber
I love you Justin Bieber you rock
01/15/2011 1:18PM
I am totally one of his fans too.I think JB is SEXY!!!.I am going to kiss him someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
01/20/2011 5:35PM
that is funny
01/21/2011 5:44PM
he is such a cheater! supposedly hes goin out wit selena and then kisses a fan WOW
02/04/2011 5:19AM
This is soo photoshoped ! Not real at all
02/07/2011 6:03PM
I am a HUGE fan!!!!!!!
OMG!!!!!!! I love JB so much! He is so HOT!!!!!! I
02/07/2011 11:54PM
im a fan
im sucha fan of his!!! HE IS SO HOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wish i was 26... im not older thoughh;-D
02/27/2011 2:35PM
i cant eblieve anyone would kiss him he is so ugly
03/04/2011 2:59PM
that fan is actually lucky! i would love to kiss him some day
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