Champagne from Spare Change

with Debbins & Whitney

Want to master the art of living life to the fullest while STILL saving money at the same time? Welcome to Champagne from Spare Change, with Chris Debbins & Whitney Young. 

Our goal is to help you do everything you want to do, whether it's going out to dinner, grabbing drinks with friends or taking a badass vacation…all while still having enough money to do adult saving for retirement.

This isn’t your father’s “budgeting” podcast. Listen every week and pretty soon, you’ll be sipping champagne from your spare change! 

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Getting more money because of a raise is always a good thing right? Well...maybe. Find out how to avoid letting a promotion ruin you financially!

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Monday, January 8th
Everyone knows that if you're going out you can save money by having a few drinks beforehand at home, a.k.a pregaming. But what's the best way to pregame like...

How to get debt free in 2018

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