Megan Carter

M-F 5:30am - 10am

Oh, hey! My name is Megan Carter. You may recognize me as "that girl who took over the stereo at that party I went to that time." I'm a Rochester transplant who has often been described as "loud", and is considered one of the world's foremost experts in boy band dance moves. I spend most of my time liking pictures of my friends' babies on Facebook, but in my spare time you can hear me weekday mornings hosting #TeamPXY with Carter & Corey on 98PXY. I've been hanging out on 98PXY since 2008 - which may make me one of the more "experienced" members of the crew, but also the happiest to get carded at restaurants. My other passions in life include brunch, redecorating my apartment, any song that came out in 1997, smiling, defending Kanye West, and wearing leggings as pants without apologizing for it.