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Kids Running Free in Stores

Friday, November 17th
People are mortified after a rogue child did $1,000 worth of damage in a Sephora store! Are makeup stores one of the places you shouldn't bring your kid to?

Megan's Moral Predicament

Thursday, November 16th
There's something that Megan claims would save her money, but is having a moral dilemma over if it's acceptable for her to take advantage of it.

The Most Dangerous Toys

Thursday, November 16th
The newest "Most Dangerous Toys" list is out, but Corey James says these toys having nothing on dangerous toys from back in the day.

How Do You Clean Up Glitter?

Wednesday, November 15th
Corey James now has an apartment FULL of glitter thanks to his girlfriend's holiday bows. It's EVERYWHERE. What's the best way to clean it up?