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THE FEED: Monday May 21st

Monday, May 21st
Today in THE FEED: A possible motive for the school shooting in Texas, Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolofo's future political plans, what you need to know...

You Sleep With What!?

Monday, May 21st
Lots of people sleep with stuffed animals or old blankets from their childhood, but what Corey James heard one person sleeps with will CREEP YOU OUT!

Inviting Your Ex to Your Wedding

Monday, May 21st
Prince Harry had two of his exes at the Royal Wedding. Whitney Young couldn't believe it, but Corey James doesn't see the big deal and says it probably happens...

The Cesspool That Are Reusable Bags

Monday, May 21st
Pat Taney from News 10 NBC joined #TeamPXY to talk about the findings of his "Good Question" report about how disgusting most reusable grocery bags are!