You NEED the New iPhone

Monday, September 11th

Are you the type of person who NEEDS the new iPhone as soon as it comes out?


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Tomorrow's the big day that apple unveils all of the secret goodies and announcements that we've been. Secretly. Hoping for for the past few months including iPhone eight maybe I thought eight slash. In the third iPhone iPhone X and tomorrow we're finally get to know our right. Should get life now at the facility CEO if it is to be able to take up his battle. We're a little bit meaning it was gonna be a better screen we know what's gonna be a better camera on me no it's gonna happen things. Like Siri Chiming in bid. But that your payment system you know that need you can use your fees a lot of your volley all kinds of crazy stuff coming out with I found does this excite yeah. You like pumped about this kinda stuff you can't it is them is I am I wanna say this is like and I've gone person things and because I don't. I don't ever see injury users many because Curtis you know the only injury users don't have high phones. That we never react the same way that you guys do this stuff like I've never seen people who are waiting in lines for the new android now your funds are. Here Riga campaign I understood that I've never understood why you have to be that person who is the first arsenic. Is necessarily iPhone vs Droid yours yours it's always like to tech nerds you need to have like the new snacks saying even if yours works completely by I think that's the thing or even what you just mentioned to me like you just. Very minor improvements it's not like it really changes much right yeah Cory will be the first to complain when he can't read the new analogy is that. That spectacular setting and dollar and now by now meg I'm used to being a second class citizens my android fans. It's just fun claims he's given out the guy that I'm not waving a white flag you guys are far superior status symbol for a lot of people having the new I've never said. You know illegal and in my iPhone side and it. And now all the power iphones Evans is people are gonna be second class citizens would be and I'm sorry junior charged at a public asthma I've blown aids who quietly is charged I don't. I don't look at people who have it and think wow. Look how prestigious things are not look at and they have the brand new found out then I think. While you're an idiot for not waiting a little while because it's getting cheaper and it's gonna be a lot easier to get moderately. Isn't it really cheaper to the next knew what comes out right signals to anything to add to get. Because this and get cheaper story to talents he could be the thrift shop revitalized back and edit this excuses that people come up with even the girl I'm dating her talking over the weekend. And she was talking about hi I found seven case. Not this kind of messed up. Nice of wines by anyone to pile the iPhone it's coming come on let's. Get away and that is the new iPhone. She's using the broken case as justification to lie venue I. It's I'll match I had so much room tonight iPhone is just stopped with cell feed such delete some of the team. I can just get the iPhone a thorough vetting out no that can't be summons just looking out for shirt and as. For sure it is. You know line from my items have been a lot of trouble calling my accident I missed a drunk dialing you know one I could erase that in band they're number. Or I could just get a brand new phone it's orchestra held. Oh man that what a great idea all week it's still on the cloud yeah. Begin happening now GTX line it was caught early and Corey.