Would You Bring Your Kid to an Rated R Movie?

Monday, March 20th


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TV but Carter glory and I 8 PM. So why are. The Ricoh women's. And number one in the box office this great surprise. Beauty and the Beast senate. Record Corey James 170. Million dollar opening this weekend the biggest in March ever second of all time to Mastec. And I think definitely that definitely rich guy you see if you've got little girls are icky sought to decay in Renton. It's. The save Europe and ninety's child I totally eighty's and ninety's then yeah this is definitely some the half. Have to go see even as a guy like sure I didn't pick that over Logan this weekend but I know I bet I'll probably see that some Clinton three teach him telling you now is that. OK so we act as I I was curious because I saw the reviews and all other reviews berg Condit is saying hello. Has themselves. It's okay in the cabinet early. Yeah app that is well it's all about yourself I wouldn't say that was like groundbreaking film well Miley is changed after. Have had refused to teach me some and I think you should bring your kids to be that kids to introduce them for. The second time because that's on the school bonding moments as a parent of something that you liked that you can shove down your kid's throat make them like detail my god it was so cute they are so many like I a couple seats next amusement central town. And a couple seats next neither is like a little girl up with her like crown her bell. Well. It might call I got sold out. You just as a princess the hassle. For all of it soaps you know I got I got to ask them about the game moment. I don't wanna spoil it now why everyone needs to come down and I'll tell you I felt I had to spoil it but yeah because they came out to sneaking out and said there was and a what was at the wording he used an obvious game element to some things in the services is supposed to be historic because of the first time and and their movies. It was it was India like legitimate. See you suspected in business and gave him and then I don't I I feel like you and seated on the hogs had Darren element. Yeah I'm glad that I think beauty and if I ever. Everybody out. Down and I had some maybe that was as they are something they are blasting because I he everyday about events on the Jersey Shore else well let's all calm down and this year and you stick it just days. That was really got to think that music as you said he's not a you know it's funny. Rumor thing he missed that theater and I'm not the only one. Apparently Oliver Twitter right now everybody's tweeting about how much hotter the actual piece lets the in the peace became a ban on like I. A twisted the guy at URG dot net beat the guy who plays the beast. Did Stevens they like Matthew in down napping on the Republican. But for some reason in Beauty and the Beast. He's so much hotter. When he golf carts it's. Odd that anybody is TP CQ and a. Being him right now is gonna Google. It's too if you were if your ballot he changed like not. That's my. Piece you feeling right now definitely air and low. It's hot in regular Disney and gospel feel strange about now. You did not was EB united Europe and them one of the few. I still had to go see Logan which is the Wolverine movie. And it was awesome it I calculus yet it was fantastic. Lots something happens I was appalled I was appalled by this happened and what happen. And sell case this is an X-Men movie it's a superhero movie you know Logan Wolverine but this is the first time they've ever had it rated. Yeah Annika is usually those are kind of like champion all the cheesy and I can he bring your kids and it's it's fine whatever. No this one is rated. Cover. Graphic violence gross yes yeah it's it's very crowds I mean it's awesome but it's also very very gross that this is not only acts and movies that you bring it to its. I thought that until I'm in the theater and up comes this couple and behind them. As their son who was maybe eight years old getting a quick look at it. Really does not trust of you know I don't try to judge parents. But I couldn't help but just exactly what. What are you bringing this year olds to it's it's an. Sure just wasn't a very short me. Kind of it was definitely a child neglect petition I did the double take him and now that's that's. Ed and in this first I'd see this happen before movies battling at spend a rated. Where there's been kids in the air. And and night I tried to get them the benefit the dollar may be. Didn't realize that it was rated. And they are still there. There was one point where they actually came down. The stairs and I thought to myself I'll think they finally realize like after that 100 F bomb in people's heads getting ripped off that. This is probably not the best choice for their eight era Friday so they leave the theater so thank our panel you know I guess I understand that. Got five minutes goes by it comes bounding back up the stairs dad's fouling him apparently sent to the bathroom so now the whole thing. Did you keep doing what I do what I noticed kid movie but I don't think she beat Eric did you keep doing a look back and how he would react to certain scenes how does he react. So not even god can't lie as as you blogging on the stairs to go to the bathroom. He's his dad has like holders can't because the kid is not looking where he's going his eyes are just transfixed. On that screen. It was like he was in some kind of some hypnosis or something was going on and he couldn't turn away it's like walking sideways on the stairs. As a staring at the screen and sing all that stuff down. That's the parent could you do that your. Now I feel like when you're when you're actually it's so weird to judge you try to figure out what your key it is going to be freed up and what they won't be for it yeah. Like maybe he would be completely fine. Watching Logan and watching don't let graphic scenes. Would that mean you're parts of Beauty and the Beast for sticking only got diesel look at the cedar must be terror. I'm really scary isn't like the Wimbledon darkness in the east and stuff like. Maybe he wouldn't be a candle seems like and Clinton seemed super hero graphics that it's only find it is not I don't. And no idea what your kids what's gonna resonate and what's not at its break. You know I don't have kids and have nephews and I can only think back to my nephews and and when my my nephew Eli lightness is just a couple years ago I remember him being terrified. When he was staying over at my parents house watching an episode of curious children. I. Because scariest Georgia was was kidnapped in this episode. Screener at this there's ball. It's going to clo. To be in there yet I thought I got well I immediately had no idea. Yeah I remember. As a little kid like that may be seasons carries of everyone's well being fine I think the scariest thing I ever saw. Was an episode. It's easier than not to show for Sesame Street ended up. Kermit the Frog got teeth and use the shotgun yeah well I'll let that still makes my skin crawl to does that seem did. So I don't know maybe this gives us tougher than we were his kids front. At the nuts and girl panties and kids that was the problem in China to judge I couldn't help myself up the act. Well we rented him out our therapist lobby and yeah. 98 PX life.