Wives Don't Find Their Husbands to Be Sexy

Friday, February 17th


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Indeed the linemen garnering cores on daddy PX lie to you in 9800 if you wanna jump in genetic. Married women do you think your husbands are sexy. Yesterday yesterday question out of assumed that they did and that's how it does have now. They do adult 57%. Of married men think their lives are second only am sure. But only 38% of married women who think the same about their husbands. I find that hard to only they shocking. The high number. Do you figure that. If you're gonna be married to someone you have to to think that they're sexy right what's what's the deal would that I sell. I think I'd definitely I'm not that hard and it's fixing to see that a lot more men think their lives are sexy than women thinking that their husbands sex. And China and trying to work through this figure highest could be possible I mean especially with the fact that again let's be honest. If any thing the number should be reversed because many were gracefully you know. We look sexier as we get older I'll. Say OK I'm not. Not everybody does it actually I fired a throw some evidence of that oh look at it now guys that you're not Clooney so I bet that you guys to think I'll take that Mosul chargers could. And I'm OK with that. I mean. What I think it is is the B and sexy meaning a dollar really has nothing to do you how you dress it's it's and caused. All gonna look like we repeat the hot got Nickels and you know they got. When you openly stopped caring and giving a crap about us now. That is that what it that's when you stop being sexy man or woman and as I started out there I feel like men are the first ones to stop showing a fax. I know that that's interest they've. And different ways to do it by taking care of the kids and dad and making sure eat out houses. In different on the table and that Ronald rounds normally at least area typically. Anyway. Self tremendous show affection would be things like taking up the garbage and it's been doing those chores like that we never. Largest and I could be apparently giving up. Elements everyone's. Mean when and if you've been in a relationship for a long time you'll know that it's this can happen very easily you get comfortable you kinda get injured daily routines and some times. It's almost your your your marriage becomes special the F kids. Like works in times where the conversation that you have are about. You know what to get to do things to do this he do that split responsibilities on time so I can see how yes there is a drop off when it comes that. The affection. But I still can't get over it like when it comes having sex that looks do you have something to do with that you can't deny that still there that's three part of it and I. Rarely thinks oh I think it's more action I think that unit you can gain fifteen pounds and you've been married and let yourself go a little bit. But still can be sexy beast outhouse we aren't your I see you can also eat hot as George Clooney can do that -- but if you are going number two at the door open. They all time. Sexy with that. Maybe you've got to the bottom of it may be wait that right there may be that scenario is the one he's been applied for. This equipment don't think it'll an eagle in the ground that he got and you know I don't think I'll let it takes keys mean. You can use our sister you can never look at some in the same way ever gamma to see that go down their apps are still comfortable standard is don't ever do that I. I feel like the worst possible thing he can you. When you're married when you're in any relationship. Is the indifferent. That's not even loving her hey that's just not cheering. At all not even giving a crap like your goal keeper I don't even know you exist I could care less what you do. That's the worst thing I think you can do to relationship is not scary at all out our teacher got its Indian different Chia. A kind of interesting argued some text into what you excessive tax plan six many who teal saying they have no manners hygiene. And bodily noises hard and can you think that the sexy guy that's yeah that's what you guys you guys just. Looks at any thing to deal with it. When my husband is trying to be sexy he's not. Bullies not trying to beat any totally dead ego that means that elaborate tease each you know uttered what does it mean when he's trying to be sexy is he like. Like put on the fire law channel on the TV network cable and he's like he'd be slows things down in the striptease. I have to run Vegas stomach while at. Can be seen a lot of good deeds because that when I get from that advice is nanny to try less but you're telling me is that many to try harder. Let me know confused at that point. Getting some tax include PX I say text line 698 seats you this one made Emmy Ottawa now but I still think I'm in a sexy dad died bodily noises and all sometimes and think he's gross but still sexy. Says this mom has eyes and he carries himself. After her example he is on top marine veteran she says the Saxony about it now is how hard he works and how good habitat. Gary. Got. And she likes the rap man pants suit I'll throw that out Dalia black out the window I this I've been wondering how that have a delicate DB hands and into the about a moment. Did you. Weird police officer can't suck it creeps me out don't even more stress on all my kids to all natural now. It's your. No idea hundreds of interstate I. She said. That went her man doesn't try to be sexy you that is sexiest the way he does try. He's not sexy at all confused I don't explain this to me. I I call about my husband trying to. Act in and not. There are you don't accident. I may explain this to me. Well. Currently not saying it that I'd like you get angry lacking is it. Like that. Walking out the meaning quietly entered brat. Is that make it the little things that made you fall in love Whitman on. Yeah and I wouldn't I wouldn't be a base that is. I don't like blue steel now I know exactly what do you do your talking about I don't exactly what you mean you guys when you try to look like KVB you do it it comes across your pass and pass it. I. Which Carter glory. I'm 98 PXY.