Will You Be Taking Part in "A Day Without a Woman"?

Thursday, February 16th


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And genius lining garner Gloria daddy PX I ladies listen up so clear in February that organizers behind the women's march on Washington. The massive massive march we had in January Preston yes. Begin organizing their expert that's there are the other games are already working towards and they wanted to make it a one day strike should. Called a day without a woman big crack. And as of yesterday and the day has been officially announced they announced in an answer Graham post it's Kennedy march. March 8 of this year is going to be. A day without woman. A woman strike Grasso actually happens to be international women's are not out of the Tennessee it's a once that millions Wednesday middleweight a cap the well let's. They haven't given too many details about what exactly is entailed. What they would like us to do how you can get involved they said that they're gonna share that the next couple days but what they did right kind of leading to it like the idea. Behind a day without a woman means they grow. We ask do businesses support our communities. Do they drain our communities. They strive for gender equality urge you to support the policies and leaders that perpetuate opposition. Did the align with the sustainable environment did it propping up the destruction and steal the futures of our children. We saw what happened when millions of busted together in January. And now we now. That our army of loved greatly outnumber the army a fear greed and hatred. Sell my gas. Looking at a is that they're calling for women all across the country and across the world you skip or construct. Crash sell what asthma and that's what I hear strike there's a vision that comes my mind. And it's you know we've heard of kids in this school for the newest either they walk out the middle class. And then it you'll sit in a lot of protests it was it's gonna be like you show torque that day men at a certain time you get all the ladies. There and then walk out many picket like ups outside review work. Like I am guessing they're gonna have details of the next couple of days that's what I imagine a strike could be especially in a week day. Let that sell the week I I was out because I I missed the women's march last time I I. Always kind of packaging all passionate about the staff course yet so I was said the next time. That a big event is organized like Vista I have gotten the opportunity to be part that I'm going to do it no matter I don't have that regret of not participating not showing how I feel about these issues. That being staff and a. I don't tell Wednesday. At a work day I am wondering what. Must eat upstairs. We'd say. If byword of dropped let's say at 830 parity just drop the my age and walk out yeah I strike with the rest of the women leave nothing. This leave me hanging here I'm I'm so. I wonder if that would be. Frowned upon or that would be praised and I wonder if I can't either right. Com. I'm Scott about it a limb here on stealing our boss and the way he reacted so when we even talked about. Mental health days and things like that. It does not happy yes if you just got up and walked out the studio in the middle Michelle on Wednesday at. I despite being for this cause that that you are passionate for. It'll look I was incredibly impressed by the shelling. Of the march on Washington and I thought that was great I think. This which again will be a show force it well but I think it's gonna do more damage than good my honestly why and it's it's hurting you know for for example our company. I don't think our company is what they just described I think are coming as a lot of great things so lie. Our companies like ours and so many others that are doing great things would have to suffer because they have. You know half that are the workforce locket out to to protest. You know you Selig the ramifications of that. I hate but if these companies. Are going CU. Resist bare their female employees locking out than maybe they are one of those things so what this is this is like the litmus test. Find out. That's how it's gonna work I mean yeah that's I'm curious about I mean what what you what you put like an like a personal a personal days and if you put in for like a vacation personal then I I might have to pipe you know what and it that I would and I also wonder how it if women want to participate who need to go to work who can't afford to take it day I'm very lucky or yes I time. Putting a personal Irving key Asian day if I have to do right and this and just take that option I really really bond sale. But there's some women out there and yet there's money could afford to miss it there mark we need to make him money. Day what are they and they call you got to think about again even all the ramifications of this what is that you lycra and up quite out of the whole thing just proved everybody yeah this would sell it you don't have these Clinton figured out and your corner that points. Yes but yeah I understand what the point of it is but what if what if the point they're trying to make ever is trying to make. Doesn't come to light exactly if Europe for promotion if you're dead in and it choppered out and he cheated competition for a promotion and this is coming up and you really wanna take part in this. But you bounce now you're hurting yourself you're heard. Yeah I think I. I think that shows that you're sticking to your convictions. And you have a point of you and your strong and you're gonna stick by at least no matter what I. I think that is excellent she played her I would love to know what the bosses think about this. Love to see companies come together and a one participate well I mean that sets and it lets then. When an animal participant. Oca I guess that's true there was clearly not the man who watched I watched on coverage on CNN of the women's march I saw a lot of mention obviously the more air I don't know exactly what this entails. But I think it's a cool idea I think it's an amazing cause absolutely want to support you but now that I'm talking this thrill. I don't care if I get in trouble. At the. That will be making a statement because I think I think it's more important and I think that if these movement does fail its because her second guessing and were questioning a reading in trouble where people who think we should act. Suggest opens and I think that way. That's what we have to jail I'm curious to see. He won it. They want to have happen when you're not at work as a gonna be another marks another rally irreverence and Alex at home watching daytime TTS. I thought I know I. I don't want nobody gonna do you know are going to be going out like doing better and look at our Z and it's it's not good. Ask an interest and that's for sure Harry I'm gonna pass on more details of anybody else's like me and kind of mull this over here. On some details and when they're gonna do here in Rochester dance about it heavy interest thing. I like him with few few I don't wanna be elements. That would be the most of eggs. Or it's like yeah. And so who's listening on number. We goes yeah. PX line. What hit music station.