#TeamPXY Talked with Bob Duffy

Friday, September 8th

From the democratic mayoral debate last night, to his plans for bringing Amazon's HQ2 to Rochester, and more!


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Slide Carter glory and out of PX line and I. Honored by the fact that this man. Has time to come on to this show and speak with us. Between its tweaks. I think every. Governor Christine you aren't former mayor. Or please she does it register current see all the Rochester business alliance and now. By the last week code share of the Finger Lakes regional economic development council op Duffy a busy man. An anonymous. Yeah between each week do you think your first we get to this morning. You know what I don't get a lead disorder going back my first career I drive my wife raised. I'm Bob but that we're at 3 o'clock in the morning I've been known to that email do members of my epic is electric. I do the same thing. It does is similar to be productive with my sleeping stuff and actually get things done instead of just turn it on Netflix and watching frank turned you know got it done Duncan got it done here on your promotion out before I get to that now I'm not where he attended last night. First the mayoral debate or did you get to watch on TV. No actually I was working I caught a little bit out of radio. Is it. I guess that's why did I wonder if you watch it would suffer like PT SD a little bet on different. When he's not. Well I stated that West Bank I thought ought added stress so. Very well. One thing you all remembered is that these campaigns are very tired he's Andy but there are sold it yeah. Incumbent Eric challengers they've worked artist in the last several months. One personal win to not win but I have great respect for the effort that people put out and it actually debate our our democracy. Are these types of debate that and yet. Well you you can see how much they put in because of things should be less let's be autistic I don't know if you heard the parts were got a little bit heated. IA is is that just now in your opinion out of political landscape has always ban or is this guy kind of coming from the last presidential. Not debate that we had were things got a little ugly. Let go back to I can't and you know I. I went through and ordered or debate. Ormsby be brought in and yes. Or at best one. Reiterate jail under. Eating and weight Norway in Maine down there well. All very Smart very passionate. Very good amp meters of great professionals and I cannot etiquette Gypsy. I never went negative IB. Or police chief he brought it all up or things about people this year owners Beno. But it was a white why they prop eight campaign. I had to go negative and where some papers I don't want to whatever and it was just I. Really status throughout an old campaign against Judy it's difficult but about how their heartland you argue. Debate. If I feel bad about it and I am but he added the A again he walked away. I would all oh at one what are the primary next week. You know that we the other the immediate outlet support the winner in our city are you a better stronger. We're talking to Bob deputy CEO of the registered as a client now last night during the debate there was a lot of talk about. Bob and I mean you know the opt out of toast loving I'm. I'm not worried me the statement that we are the fastest growing city formal ideals in upstate New York while Rachel Barnard actually disagreed. And stated that 20%. A 25 to 34 year old and Rochester are unemployed what are your thoughts on not. Well by Beck America I used that date back the way we have it listed as number one there's growing location field. Which is it's a great opportunity for us position ourselves for the future. Great on energetic bright leaders coming which I think bodes well. Terms of the I would say is one of my biggest frustration is. We have already opened jobs. But we're not feeling that. It is connected there are a lot of depth there with we have out there all night and I'd say they're all EO position our level but there are varying degrees the opening. My DVR and a kind of illness. I don't know what I'm that is. That people may be old at a certain careers some. There are a lot of there's been an extreme if he's people bitty guy Albert spares others hurt no doubt that he walked in the book is a I expect Asia these I still level needed britney's decision. And the incredible opportunities for broad for one minute and Bernie know what our great debate. I'm speaking out. Bob to get opportunities for her for growth I know the news broke yesterday that you've reached out Sheila Jeff made those of Amazon. And I asked him to consider in Rochester for the new Amazon headquarters in North America that he gets like 50000. New jobs and RIT students write our selling and PS PH YouTube magazine that wanna call. We well. I really actually happened to Rochester. Well it. This state lottery but hey if Evernote. You'd never know here's my point I wrote and Mr. Big of a letter last game or. Her away when he backed the beginning of the year letter. Because it bought by getting her there are job opportunities the future. Are asked. Nice spot at this. Oh and it at all. And when news broke. Age YouTube. To weigh in the region. Act that we are. Jaber we're rushed for enterprise. Is roster. Doctorate breasts do I'd voter out all gonna work history. But is very fast. Plan for bulls forward this. But the most important thing is we are the best kept secret New York State he's spell our our story. A whole lot more forcibly and indeed done it it's so much I added a back Akron yesterday. It'd be a solution you know just as well be posted back after I. Over 200 people standing room only. It just reinforces that the that area digital and our unity with our EUR I eat out university it is our future. And of great power and it roof edge and it yes lately I have where we're going. I think they're telling Connecticut are losing their students as well like they come there for school and then they boomerang due. To some routes and these could keep that to keep them that's talent right here in Rochester. Ever that would be in Baghdad these big companies. Amazon Google apple but it these are companies simply do attract very unprofessional to look beyond doubt that graduates from. You are our right city. And cease the the other sixty crowded universe is region. If we wanna keep those kids here and we will we do it we export Allah every year because we don't have the opportunity that they want. We eagle elsewhere in one example is it's a missile wanna get over left and I we celebrate. Many communities it's yesterday's news in it long time but you know. We're all of that look at behind in bash in other areas but we duke edged up and I think every day here Eddie summit collaborations that I speak out epic brought region. Really are are conspiring to provide a great opera must be I think we beat anybody noticed offer. We will look out chamber put together for our team members but there's doubt all we rock. Great advice or Saber covers always been into gather there's one under exploit. About how great roster but lakes region it really does it course pride. We ate at helping out is it like ipodder lap or they could have pretty soon. But what does he do it don't talk about why we can't do it but it'll spirit of and view it. And yes. I'm really bad right only gonna add that attitude a little look at odds and all that we get we got a certain look at Matt around Bob. Not a great thing to keep in mind were watching news. Or are in fact that it being. Very or devastating. Do we complain about all of it we get that he really raised the severe weather now because all we get ready. Yeah but but we really gate. But these red these other areas that we have more or anybody ever take Jesse river lake burial are being early. Europe states around this country are crying for water and what is an extreme heat most water. It is great for us for our interstate highway at best and I always an issue. I we have rail. We can't bring our yeah I believe both are real state here. While people are active Weather Bureau be just perfect anywhere well they don't vote for a well mode and state. Update their body weight gain more or are registry. Bait or other areas lady Barbara all get their money. Our papers data mr. Yeah yeah that's an okay experience. But we can't get any air and does it sometimes we feel began in public debate beating you guys but. I era while watching these commercials were hurt Avis rental Barton gave it all end quote. You know were worse I could get to try harder. Right. We're not wrapped box toward York city. I would like you know what even sometimes when. But realistic look at our history every could be I've heard of birdies but right now what ate an apple is pretty from manufacturing education. Alter. Everything we just don't tell our story we are the best kept secret New York State we object at. It's important or very eager to get new things and were very eager except except new businesses and accept new things like that have to be an incredibly large states. For a sneak up at 50000 jobs. Well let me do it region is getting together and I'd be greater Rochester enterprise a great job listing all being built rocket development. But what the available immediately bit deeper I rosters are up. This is going to be any regional partnership is not just a city issue it's going to be but he. City girl crown 88 on any harder in putting her passport or. Is speaking out are. Eighties we. Age are our decisions are better bet it would be everywhere awful. I'm not an indictment and not get crazy I actually did announce that they reached out to beat us as well. I got it figured it out Bob low prices are there New York City. But don't. Stick it bill 800 spent island. Are or distribution. I don't want to tell them why not do it look at our our manufacturing error heartbreak Biggio universe is. David Evans that he'd you're 88. I assure every realized that we are a bit edgy we have world. Probably right here. It's. Equity companies market equity eight Beckett serial. Albeit or maybe it. Copies here. Actually at its products girl the 100 companies around the country we have eight packaging. Are right he did he. But Amazon is effigy outside their communities are side. Indeed and it is resource that we yet here I start being being copied. Off. I expect it because it around or. Probably is accurate or Europe roster but he. They are standing in we actually we end up in the Iowa. I wouldn't break off certain but thanks to help the property or stay in our region here their stay here and expanding or building a huge ability and satellite as. It will create hundreds of jobs I ain't got dirt as what apple acting up yet Wrighster. One little or another example we are a basket secret yet almost or. A lot and Bob. Practice a little bit Bob Duffy of the Rochester business alliance up. Early last week you were named coaching there I'll be Finger Lakes regional development council. And I'll refer to any Wegman now there's get a lot of people out there in their cars saying. Yeah important but I had no idea that I. Like. That figured they'd down example what are you guys of puberty is due and and how are you guys improving our area right now. Offers but nobody replaced anyway leagues. There's some very aren't we just choose I'm sure to sell it you. So there are I worst ice or eat any at Buick guys dirty. It. We stayed at our big shoot the bill. Else where bring it back cover all about that yours go there and region devastate. What are our lakes region. The Procter and wrote a surrounding county and what happens is you have about thirty meters. Government academia. Business not for profit factor together. Prioritize where investments don't history. There are application process but in a project be audited there's a rock the boat you don't vote. Is that wired nations. Project investment here outdated greatest. This. And these leaders about ever worked together in their careers yet been able. All I'm monthly basis or is this region is awesome and I think it's. Great great example of what is going added anyway people all understanding act speeds. What amp. And as for example he worked collaboration I give up her all. Credit world for Reagan. Is but let site jolts don't but it didn't like it. That can't rest in equipment dole thought that bit by yours the probably a biggest. Iran that are brought to market data entry. A disservice. That. Is routers that fifth and and helped write in the article are expressed as BC. Superstars. It isn't. Yeah. I. Obama it is it is surely inspiring like you do any event and you mostly right into that and the passion you have for this city and the surrounding area. And I'd I think just for everyone's. Thank you. But I appreciate every now what it is an Arab beat it. Unit reached this Islamic prayers mean it ever has or Ike brought a state warriors governor. I want it all. This ball I love it there's something special about this place LE it would as well. Former CEO of east poet and David give it our many years ago I was there that it debate and it always Doug. Bet it was your opponent is that processor was the hardest place to get Kodak executives don't two. And a hard place to get them the lead. Yeah. Yeah. I think that I think that's why it once we get here. Oh yours are our goal. They've just started asked if being with our region social media to get Jeff based out of the Rochester. We're a little bit big weapons in Iraq it's not Asia and our business leaders. It and eat what we can't hear you might not know much about us but I think once he needed to be expected. What he has and what we have here I think. Call action right now did you the CEO of Amazon among doubt we got garbled to get the dark jacket. If you're catering and you take care of get the same goes on here about. If you guys they got a little later I let quote there's and I'll buy every day. Pedal pressure. Applied. I love it I'm happy about surging earned everything for jump and I'm with us this morning appreciate it.