Rochester Reacts to the Boycott Against Wegmans

Thursday, February 16th


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Yeah there's been a growing number of businesses being added to the crap your wallet movements out boycott I guess you could sank. This is in the bottom on the show a few times before. So basically it's businesses that scary trump products out that you're not supposed to spend your money at those places and apparently. It's that. There was bad enough pressure at Nordstrom so where they dropped you Bob good to frighten Trump's clothing line and accessories line. They Donald sat. Little person treats tricks but it seems like this this movements actually. And yeah it's yeah I and the latest business being added to the list and it's really close to home here in Rochester. At the most blast mess I think to say this in this area if there's a boycott being cults. If for Wagner enough. I heard the news yeah. So they carried trump branded lines. In their stores and Virginia actually it's this is the stem from that makes sense is the trump light greens in Virginia cell now a woman threw in Virginia is calling for the ban. Of all Whitman's as part. Of this thanks it's fun yet it's been blowing up on Twitter in the past couple of days. It's funny how you think it is. Every week where you do that hash tag grab your ball. He's a very declarative statement. I will not shopping store and this is why and good grades and good luck do you I'm beginning next bubble block. A lot of force behind those comments absolutely. Which the web hash tag grab your wallet tweets it's more like. Neatly seem like. Personally I just like stopped carrying. Out hot I. Sometimes my hand I did it did mean hand. Yeah it was not Karen went and then I'll be back at me I mean it's so yeah. Well thanks ad I. Because this is really. To me because there are two very powerful forces coming together one of those is that though those people that are against trumpet wanna. I think to kind of you know go after him and in this new year right has been getting some traction. On and there's those people better insanely loyal to wegmans and here at Rochester obviously this is known as Bombay he had. Stuart not support a secretive gratified to see the difference. The two types of Tom yeah yeah. Seek comments that are I have never shopping Norwich on and then you'll see comments like. And me. Time and just written and I heard an arena that wary about. A lot of not a lot of people in Rochester are upset about it's you calling it nonsense. This is nonsense. It's nonsense it's clearly work did you come to go after wegmans jolly times there is listed as one of the best places to work these. People act as I did that company. And so hateful I. Yeah we all all they wanna do is guarded her salad bar like Jeanette you know get there five dollar meals and they can't. The truck is the writer and a little bit and stick and I now. So alive but so far wegmans has has not pulled. On and Virginia anyway via the trump brand line and then and one of the Cummins was another being ethical by not letting a political interest for persuade them to pull brands that apply to some people are saying. I feel bad. Do you feel bad all those sometimes I can't play any. Look no no matter how much I believe in the cause I don't think there's anything that can make me stop going to wegmans. I tell you right now I'm sorry that got. Good luck that it likely best league in the nothing. Now TP XY it was Carter Corey.