People Are Being Cruel to Tiffany Trump at Fashion Week

Thursday, February 16th


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I would just say Brooke I isn't embarrassed because apparently mean girls it's a real life now and Hillary James what happens here I feel so bad. For Tiffany trot well. I feel terrible for good deed is they feel bad for trump. And I bet torque Tiffany. Is getting mean hurled. Because of her father as it's not fair so she was apparently the kind of the black sheep. A New York Fashion Week this past week on Monday night she had an invitation to the help line child. In the front row. In word on the street according to Wall Street Journal is that the seating arrangements. Were a quote shell. Because all the editors kept moving so they wouldn't have to sit next. Refutes the statement so mean girls right so Tiffany trop. It's sitting in the front row with her friend on her side by herself because no fashion editors which extort kept switching their seats. Airport question. It was an affront or it. Is not a frat second question was she wearing sweatpants that can't recipient the product resentment and he'd carry that it gets the next us but it. I mean listen it's fair Noelle. What if you're gonna be the black sheep of of the fashion show I mean for talking about the trumps. What trump is more equipped to handle being the black sheep that Tiffany trump stitches are the likes of her family just got this. We just we just all of bunch African mean girls and in this society you know it is okay it's. I'm trying to explain this again no it's not fair but I understand why people would feel this way why those people would do that. A lot of people are obviously upset in the frustrated and they're just looking to act. Act of looking to lash out there looking to try and and feel like they have some controls got an impact they have no control over the fact that. Donald Trump is our president anymore obvious election's over it's done it's happening he's doing this thing we're fighting against things and think should be fought against. They do have control over sitting next to his daughter's loss. Why his daughter had nothing to do week and I know but that's at at. I heard why did you know she exit. Each had nothing to do with how do you feel about America right now pork barrel and the fact that we're like that. Should he act. Or Ford's golfing I ever see is just. Yeah how that middle school ivy. Middle school have you fashion editors G all you're doing is sitting out to talk to the girl don't look at her look at the clothes that's air for. Well. You're gonna be happy though because there's one person standing up. A Knight in shining armor if you well Whoopi Goldberg has said that she will find Tiffany trump at Fashion Week and most the next or hurt. For the next shows is going to help me. But because they know won't be it all on I know not a fan of Tiffany's father note but. She really does think. This school choral we all had a moment in our lives. Where we felt like an outcast where we felt like the black sheep. People in one seat next to us wouldn't weird those who describe the oil still I have to act like that is don't just come on now. It never did it's true it never has never ends. It's just. It's so dot. They're frustrated they're looking to act that a solid season and you know ethnic massacre back to try it. She donor she realizes or even just these few things that. Yeah probably I'm excited for her feet out. Beat me excited that would sat exit off them and stretch out a little bit no when not to my seat. And I'd like I don't know maybe it does happen on airplane rides. I'm not I'm at bat they OK if gateways. Set to where you didn't have someone's sitting next you on an airplane you would rejoice right yet but what if the person who is assigned to sit next year. Walks up to the C. Looks a year. Goes. Yeah there and keeps going on. Crap no I'm totally bombed out. My guy Williams Yost yeah why.