Last Night's Mayoral Debate

Friday, September 8th

Catch the highlights of last night's debate!


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Last not it's the three candidates for the democratic primary for Rochester is the race for mayor. Days. And it was set to be seen my friend now located this live up to some of the presidential debate that we witnessed anyone think. It was like creep factor OK everything there's no stocking I mean trump was mentioned a lot less. A NASA today to but operated on last night after not. Thinking that they were going to be able happy debate because the previous two were canceled my lovely Warren was in the hospital that's radio audience suffering from an allergic reaction. Off former media mogul Rachael bar parts. Our Mary lovely war and a former police chief Jim shepherd all that. Battling it out talking all kinds of issues term housing Q please brutality to the black as a matter movement it was a really interesting. To see all of them. Come together on these issues especially issues that are so important right this is an hourlong. Upon onstage and into Channel 8 was in the broadcast and heavy execs guy Andy yeah I mean and I think that. He was topped out to see if I was going in with no clue about these get it. Soon because that's that might be the first exposure for a lot of people who have made into paying attention and realize oh crap in it in the primaries on Tuesday I aviation and to get myself he was not it was tough to kind of see where I think you knew it just issues play. I was coming in blind I wouldn't know. Whoever picks up okay now in thing I I would now but what enters these parts that I shot went up one. They are. Steepest. When the Asia there. Little bit Sunni. And still they had a lot to say about the Rochester job market which of course we have to say a lot of the botched your job market because. We have plenty of friends and family people our age look at for gays right now just got a gig either move into the city moving at a deceit and my favorite. My favorite word you say. Mullah meals so we're a big hot topic at the debate last night you're our current air lovely weren't talking at the Steve Jobs for Atmel ideals in the city that we should be proud. Rochester is growing in them only a market as well we have fastest growing city as a which hastily meals in upstate new York and that is because again that's an. I have in my administration has made in the city Rasmussen lasting half. Those are young corps that's on the awesome reduce stress get ticked up Syracuse tape ball below eight Europe yeah I'm not unfortunately. One candidate has one thing. The other one it's an exit on down that's a debates roll original partner was like he added. As for millennia old Willie Warren wants to brag that we're doing some great with malign meals but she's really just talking about successful young professionals. If you look at census data 20%. 20% of our 25 to 34 year old or not it worked for their unemployed. Our malign meals are not doing well. Back to you lovely specialists. Crap and you could always could not be more different messages yup. Giving would you look at that actually no we're doing terrible yeah so where does the truth and I mean I think it depends on experiences and on where your placement is. In city we got to remember that Rochester. Is an incredibly center hits in late the most segregated in upstate. New York we forget that the president. Of the city where everybody's gonna work its eyes on the other side everybody's just. Probably not even like getting to register. And trying desperately to get their foot in the dark cell where. Where's the line. Probably grumble I like anything if if there's such polar opposites of these two people feel the truth probably what lies somewhere in the middle. If for for being honest about it. And that's what they get an and I are some your same like if you were going into this news and have an idea of who you wanted to vote for you watch this ought to be confused because. According believe what numbers do you believe iced in numbers or facts but the can also be manipulated in certain ways to try and persuade us one way or the other. Sell I mean that judging from that I don't notably. I know capsule on another one of my favorite moments I think my my most favorite moment of this. Entire. Debate date as shields with his fingers at the top. I want my Arab. It's it's like when you mutter something under your breath and your teacher a CD's of the island in Britain and arcing it into a microphone. Write to them in the person sitting next DO I wonder by the lakers of course you do debate prep. You know we've we've seen this there the years that kind of inside looks of of how candidate offered positions get ready for these debates. Right down Michael's singers like there are at them like us a little list ready to go like the right time to use this line. Probably it. Click here early going my Jim shepherd. I'm. Well not comment I'll comment and merely pointing out an attempt mountain when Leslie Morton was confronted. By all candidates ball Jim shepherd and racial aren't about her eyes hurt 21000 dollar donation that she gave back that I think part of on board of ethics was looking into you yes yes it's been racial Barnard. Demand an answer. A yes or no did they say that the US ago. And like I clear answer I believe lovely cat and she said that she gave the money back and it was no longer an issue. Gonna take that line down of course now she had dirt. On both of them as well apparently. Not silliness and Rachel and by the way. See I mean who wouldn't want to know. Oh. Yeah. I NG. A little desperate. All right holy crap Shia she accused me of a cry I am what kind of throwback to your fans are blood let's go to the records are no parking tickets are let's get all the red light camera tickets from before those particular you know clear there. I don't liquid water bell. Potter I. It's tired it's hard not because it was delinquent because hey welcome to the rates are you're one of bill right now I'm looking at it out yet and saying that it was an average is actually paid early. And X three dollars and 86. And how much water is ritual on her music and stay and you take perhaps every day like how that's possible I'm just picturing. After a long day of Iceland down stories. And it's working in the media and then figured out Rochester. She just sits in the shower. He cries. I will. And the pressure up to little baby that's her her her space where she thinks about us I honestly I can't shower dryers. I imagining the showers Rachel Barnard saint's days. That is the reason why that's. The only reason why a lot of us. Donors. And ain't tired your life. Maybe it was I don't know maybe she doing. Try to raise money for me personally are. That it's an inner drive it. Oh man I. Crap is optional areas later Michelle we're gonna have our former mayor who little PGD watch that. Probably ought to be India us CEO of the register chamber of commerce is going to be at China and I'm asking keep it to you isn't use and there. He has working and growing the economic region your sister's at number one prior yet he hit it hasn't answered mine why seat.