KUWTK Paris Robbery Episode Scared Megan Carter

Monday, March 20th


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Blake Young. Yeah I was Carter coroner and. When he didn't raise your downtown on the first day of spring especially. Officially what was it 6:29 AM yeah yes it's been spring for less than an hour day I already better than it was last week due to the flowers and well. Remarkable improvement there buddy or Ivanisevic or an outsider who wanted to get to begging Carter Corey James of what's going on that Monday did. Have money to you as well did you stay up last night and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians you know I and I missed that kind of I didn't watch the recap though but I did Mets the other man up beside notices the head. Lee anticipated say that's the thing considering I'm me a lot of people have been saying how how how how the ratings at then. For keeping up with the Kardashian this season there's even been rumors that it's been canceled. It will be canceled. But this was the episode that I think all eyes were on. If you. Wanna see here incur dashing inside. Of the Paris robber he had nothing like almost getting murdered to boost ratings brash highly of the court you me everybody makes jokes about best like oh they're saving it for ratings over their by. But this will really let at an August. This home for me take a listen of her story. I have a split second in my mind to make this quick decision might. I don't run downstairs. Only to either be shot and I played so it makes me so upset that they did not believe emailing an issue me and I. More of my age and you don't you just elevator does not help this kind of game or this stairs and lots. Like I'm. There's no way out. That he doesn't usually face. Like me now to get really not now learn anything in any I scratch my legs and I wasn't you know I had no clothes on under so. He told me towards and I like the front and the back and I thought okay this is the moment and in a rate mean. And I fully like mentally. I myself and then he didn't then he you know they had the kind of to me and I just like knew that was the moment they're just totally an issue I mean in the head did you sprain and then where he's gonna have a normal life. After she sees my dead body none. Wow that's why I. I'll line yet I don't care how you feel about Jimmy cart gash in as a person or as a celebrity but that is power. He SAI mean in an hour as all of the people really even when it first came up thousand of those people owning a lot of flak for it that that said some. See it seems to adjust on the tree like the hop I I mean any sort of I don't care how you feel better if your decent person you wouldn't want that to happen to anyone corps admiral it's horrible candidate can court ash and then on. Hmmm how traumatized have to be from experiencing some. Thinkable it's still Levy had been eight colonel why this act maybe this is a sign. In my life that these things keep popping up it's exception but the past lake couple weeks or so. I've been hearing stories like this or reading stories about this online. And it's making me like terrify it and it makes he want to take self defense classes already figured that. And I keynote starts with dance and then it starts with. Who took a self defense class Denver or work the day before she lives almost sexually assaulted in the bathroom. I having to use that self and that it has saved her from day literally said she was taking and shop and she went into a public restaurant like about like let's say you're right. Shocking and you know and Terry are happy and they had those public restrooms in parks. So she ducked in there apparently. There's a man hiding in the stall who attacked her from behind and just like her hands. And you can see on her running app that tracks say her trying to escape it's just like scrabble. And it's I mean it's bright and scared and especially is somebody who who lives alone. I've been thinking more and more about this like that that I want to seek self defense class B. Read yeah I mean you know you know what's the what's the downside to that nothing nothing I hopefully of course you never have to use it. But and we just habit yeah this is a good thing sewed. Have you thought at all more about exactly what kind tear you wanted to I have no idea because I have no idea maybe people and that's good suggestions I got. I got to research that's out there as I'm sure there's a lot especially a lot of women that probably feel the same way you do. Where if you need it you wanna be able to defend yourself I. I think it's it's becoming more more of the want to now that I'm older you like the older I get it. The more fearful yeah I. Like you think would be the opposite is like now live like Ben there done that but I don't now for ten years literally each. And so why this is popping up now is a fear might I had no idea my twentieth it was like ever taxpayers will I think I think that's gonna happen to me. Sense to me because. What were especially our early twenties now we just think we're invincible nothing's gonna happen to us and then as we get older and we see more things like this happening around us we realize that okay at some point. That could be me. You know Nolan no you know that you hear at notre think it's gonna be down but it eventually is you get older you realize that there's that chance so it's better to be safe. And violence are that's for sure. Got steep price ever feel that way you did you ever get freaked out a living alone. Mama told me insulin rings a doorbell Kazaa a automatically see their murder I don't know why I feel that way but I'm not expecting someone and I get that knock at the door I get that you know the delivery person. I was at a peak the Rio. And in and the people little people yes and able to Sealy my neighbors is that chemists huge jerk it I don't people senate finally expects it would come over I don't into the dark little. Are my neighbors I think of the biggest dude should be put him. For something you like Schaub threw an event I sometimes think sometimes that a buttered understands you are. You know the uttered about her grab that guy almost like left muscles and all. I thought to our. Policy here and now I don't I'll Ali it's exactly the same as for guys at least an item I don't feel that makes I would alone for you know. Several years now and now aside from like the you know you elect the creeks and things like that meant for caliber that the that goes back to my child for canyon but I think it goes. You now let it might just never bothered me a couple of years ago and now all of a sudden I feel like I'm a year old again where every little. Preached in my house and old buildings is every little creek every little chapter really neighbor coughing like yeah. Well that Madigan we. I mean if you're gonna think that mentality than just remember that they're going to be fine because nothing can touch you and your covers. The puck up up up up up up pretty well I think mr. played in my Nightline that that actually matter to them that much so that went right. They chop ethnic. 98 PX line.