Jennifer Lewke from News10 NBC Looked into How Much Free College Tutition Would Really Cost Us

Friday, February 17th


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It's Imus come. PXY one car. Or is it. Looking sad and BC good morning. Good morning already. And we are doing wonderful we are very intrigued we sob. The TV yesterday. The TV gets out like her. Ears on the Mac. I'm. At the team retail machines. Gonna ask. Now he's. You're you I didn't hear that explode as you guys do that every single week and it's it's. Bring the really interesting stuff and always really great investigative reporting and and on it it struck. Oss is very interesting because it's something we've talked a lot about on the shell which is idea a free college tuition and New York. Yeah there and it kind of talk and obviously the governor wanted app are all cool and big bucket in the next couple of months whether to become a reality. What we want to do that kind of see beyond the headlines and be number actually added because the government claims it only costs a 163 million dollar. The taxpayers a lot of cat hair out me and we are already in our own college we're helping our art you'd pay their college. Why are we act. Q pay other people. Congrats Andy Farrell high as great idea is is that something that went through my mind you it. Schiller and a lot of us will be at outlook alone but corporate lie from college. The thought behind our keys is to come in behind me we reached a state that offer pre college already are coming to a bad. Or gain and a C and the army copper creek community college in technical school and not bachelor's degree. And the program they're still fairly new bill you were up by data that are incurred in more people in 08 to go to college. But we have no idea whether those people actually graduate whether they lack brightly on time whether it will odd that green. All of that in the near the alt a much more and they've been originally not involve the that the taxpayers now are being asked to make it. And here you know leave for the pulled SUNY system right. Exactly they're more than 400000. Student undergrad in currently in any school. You do the map like in panic beeper and in it's costing them 11100 dollar purse is after. Other grant they K at the act as though he qualified Brian grant and and they hate Iraq was is averaging about 11100 dollar per. If you are big and ordered similar mass. You would see it going to cause the way more than a 109 dollars how were out there are now. Hartnell III compared think different in all but financially or that programme the ticket. And there's ray out. Scholarships and pat you. Exactly exactly what would we beat him hat that would only proper like 25 million net. You know Eric when he backed out in in in any. Cop. And there are currently or hundred out. Of court you know we we went to the governor Ted here explain me number tell us how you got to that point. And he had and I like. Well now there and wiggle around a I'll ask the legislature are looking live on the money. You know get really good hardcourt and they're asked how he came up with that number it pick out. Of all the way you know a 100000 in Kenya are equipped I have a complaint is why don't need us. Yet money you've been invited giving it cool in my appetite or. Exactly and practical. Around here T for them it's gonna be hard art. Students to go to schools. Why because let me let her not at no matter what if it was one might not you know. I'm that we actually went around the early Utica college because they recognize. To a year ago that not colleges and where are well and and where there are nine the year we're finding other. They get what they call it would agree that it setting it for eight months in that how can we lower our. Did your incoming freshman class he'd 191000 dollar they were able to knock. Well they're out there aren't opera and what how because they thought that it need be more portable active hobby it'd complicate. Complicated. Yeah. I he had been. It can be gotten big iron one income program and actually the lower price attracted more and and they had a high enrollment as the year that they had the power of the whole outlook. Or yeah. Their argument is picnic and we can finally make all college is more portable not to make them and. Interest and experiencing. Our duties at NBC that fool our report thirty ex expose opener website corrects. It is yeah. It right on outlet I think the. WH EC dot com gently taking the time we do appreciate it it's probably gonna have nothing. Nasty DX club I was Carter Corey.