This is How Men Really Feel About Being Big Spoon

Thursday, February 16th


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Zero and you gotten that. Let us for a little bit and out he excited garnering granddaddy AP acts might have been released the weather Souza but not get PXY dot com call in day. And learning. Some deep dark secrets that mr. Ichiro I mean the questions that arrest edgier there are definitely prying into his personal life that is for sure well I think. Quarry and said he yesterday I'll say again. The bad is the most places. So I feel like it's only appropriate. To find out these intimate secrets you vulnerable in your opening still I'm glad that edge you're sharing this info with us. Makes a lot of sense Alec but when he got a lot wicca a there potentially Dominic pouches with the same kind of position that comfort that doesn't sound so elderly a lot about any cannot see them up about the lay knew coming on every day at the second one up right now Matty PX like dot com but I was actually inspired. By despondency inspired by. As I was out because one of the questions that was asked to edgier and actually makes you wanna kind of stand up for myself little bit. That's see it shows the power of when he reveals something that's vulnerable got yourself it's contagious H Eaton Meeks people people can relate to stand for something Corey thanks. That's so the question that was asked edgier and was. Elect to be big spell out smoltz who. And of course if you're not familiar with the term being big spill is and you're laying in bed with someone and you're the one kind of holding on to them at their yet. And that gap. To be this milestone is the other position you are your like crumpled up like a little look at Jelena in their promise option that Britain exactly sell ad sharing revealed. And I I give him so much credit for being man enough to save this. First. Small spoon. Jot Trace. Your not president chuck let me ask you did you of course idea I've. Big small peninsula that is the bad news. But I I feel like so many men of regulated. For some reason like yeah me Dick's been because he'd be the the protector need to hold on a needed to be that this problem which are wrapped around. But we're like yeah. Sleeping your iron yeah. I gotta be honest. Next moon it's okay for like a little bit when it gets old really really really fast and although I do. It's push away and turn over and be small spin realize your arms. He got ahead of bad. Illegally now. Every guy who is who has ever and probably who's been smoke a big spoon has done this before briefly like that a coyote at stressed puff up at your luggage and trap. And you can't get away so awkward situation where you you want to roll over but are her literally she's on my arm I can't move and I don't wanna maker I. I can't polio like magicians trick of like pulling tablecloth opt. You know without waking up it's a very difficult situation to begin cell. Being small Buddhist avoids all that Hong player right now own room and 1990 honestly do you rate us that we are totally on T you guys. Mean you know that you guys like to be small span. Absolutely and why do you always give us such crap like I've gotten crap from girls before and Lego Hamas mosque to again. School assaults and as a fight's a fight for that that little everybody likes to be in the milk that's. That's it's it's not that it's at at and a masculine kind of thing it's it's just the better to be some holes easily and often it's appeared to bigs but that's life I feel like Mohsen. I tell me if I'm wrong Cory who. We'll start off as that that big spoon I'm holding my woman yeah. Because it you sent it that skilling thing to dip. Every time that happened that happened with me in relationships even in this one. Whole life we'll start up is big spent almost all us. In the wake up in the middle of the night. Have been reversed. Early and symmetric. And agree to disagree that's it's no. And you know he's really that means they. He'd like such a camera or something I missed it bill died since the outlet to write it links startup is it's been built. Edited it well Hubble does. Better I don't know. I just then I turn a lot of mad depositary my sleeper cells it's sneaky is what did it on this thing and I'm I'm glad that you are at least a little more open minded than most from the Exxon I feel like you're now liar because most women. We'll get gas trapped for this and I don't think it's still aren't sure but you know what I think every couple sees it seems is that the game that's where it I know it's good luck brawl night. Kidnapper he's. 18 PM client we. Carter and Corina. PXY.