Is this the First Time Someone Has NOT Wanted People Talking About Their Weight Loss?

Monday, March 20th


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And person someone actually wants people to stop. Talking. About their weight loss. You get slime Carter in Korea and any PX line Leena Donald apparently is well no I but the fact people keep bringing up how she's lost a lot of weight. Let him on just this morning. I saw an article that was slightly it's not looking didn't shrimp at the opening of Tracy it is easier I just out of this morning and she looks good. But it's on the way some isn't it kind of funny because I mean I think it's usually the complete opposite if you lost a bunch of weight now. I'll stop talking about it. I expect that from Lena Dunham honestly I expects that makes you know he's been the reason why she's naked and half the girls episodes is that she's. She wants to make it so bodies are a stigma that died and not it is shields not packaged in a matter yeah I shouldn't matter that spent her. Whole whole agenda yes so and January issue as on the cover of Glamour Magazine and us and some cellular it was visible on her legs and she referred to that as he triumph for mankind and but the reason she apparently is losing ought to wait and maybe this ties and also with watch want to stop talking about it. Is is on for some have heard this but she says it's because of Donald Trump. Between Protestants. Since she's earned it she said she stopped being able to eat food com. Some people ask you what she's doing she's like well I did some experiencing soul crushing pain and devastation and hopelessness. Sets the couple managed who does what. Lena Dunham a love Leo love which stands for your great voice for women shot opting. I'll leave that to even if you're not happy about it. I don't its sole social crushing 1980 being. That's a bad example at anchor out. Applied it you're not happy with things like that's when you get up and change ego like opposite tactic in the open and now. Stop it the sun moved to allow apple for a second. Seriously. But yes that maybe that's alive and I are just when I saw that had Lotta thought to myself. Be the first time ever it's ever been set by adding light to get. Debt and YEY. Sheets said this and she posts that mr. Graham I think I decide on Friday. It was a screen shot. The article and at the article was cult people need to stop talking about Lena Dunham is wait. And in it she wrote I feel I've made it pretty clear over the years that don't give even the tiniest of what anyone feels about my body which is. Absolutely true. She said I've got red carpet in couture has the size fourteen. I've done sex scenes days after surgery modeled with stars I've accepted that my body is an ever changing organism not fixed entity what goes. I must come down. Vice Versa. Refused to celebrate these BS before and after pictures don't yet infinitely more pressing news attends mount. So it makes sense put a lot of it also it's like Arie. Found out if we wanna say you look I had a good for you than a problem in why is that a problem. He's kind of making it sound like and we've probably all seen these on our FaceBook feed of our friends who do like the transmission Tuesday pictures where it's the before and after earn in the talk about. In L a how far they've common things that had to go through lose that way and that's a mean of course is very very positive. Which is also making seeming like that's almost a negative. The they have an old bird the obsessive view of weight loss and I think you couldn't feel that way you know how People Magazine covers that we seem like Florida dear my. I lost 100 pound exposing it bikini or what have you so maybe she's sick of that being the conversation instead of what she's trying to say. I don't think. And Lena Dunham a super feminist I don't think it's anti women. To point out. He lost some weight you know hey look it's a compliment it links coming back. And it's not like when we say the dummy look cut takes a working out or saying like oh thank god she finally lost weight. Lost like I'm a person now that's it thank. Good before and after everybody loves it it's access to worry it good story it doesn't have to mean something terrible. At all it just means you know we appreciate your hard work at Frito. You know what I think Goodell would be brilliant packed full if if anyone would do this and I don't think I don't know anyone who might even be brave enough to do list. But if they did one of those transformation. Tuesday pictures on FaceBook before and after. But it wasn't of them losing weight it was of them gaining weight. Her picture is of them like super hot their twenties and then the next picture is that you know they put on the other somehow the ballooned out it talked about how they didn't care to. That he's left the regular hours yeah actually what of one of my buddies is a little bigger now and he used to be like really Jack the nice like acts challenged him to do that. Like did you expect terrace deck of you know it I can Tennessee where she's coming from to get at them and I think anyone who has lost to graduate worked out worked really hard to lose weight. So that only compliment you get on things and hey if I actually I have never felt more appreciated and loved it when I lost thirty pounds on some. And that's why did you picky about that press our viewers like to compliment me on any anything any part of it yeah. I we're at these compliments but the other Catholic I was I just like disgusting piece of crap the Florida tonight nobody. Coupled and it be. Ice we're BB that's where she's coming and again and that's the only productivity getting it's on looks. Vacuum because crappy seats behind the Sox went something positive news or I don't know. Well I can't wait and that's that's. PXY.