Facebook Could be the Reason You Get Your Next Job

Thursday, February 16th


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Hey look it's her running out who. And from high school or. Family members he shouldn't talk to you because the political beliefs anymore no they can find a job now twenty PX line with Carter ache or in 98 PX why it took. Oh why I got it's mine I'm still like there's gonna be now like a job to tell. On business pages right you can tell applications right there on the pace. I'm and then you can also. It's just send your application and it goes right through FaceBook messenger and reds the company's once upshot Boone good to go it's a FaceBook. Could be the reason you find an extra. And laugh and this is genius because now like you live right through fees that I media users who see that posting. Because they couldn't post the job opening right on the news beaten. And shared their friends that they think might be interested that it had people that they think might be it could itself is a great way get a job opening of the company get the word. Yeah and I know some companies have been doing this already NL like here we we post job opening repose openings but you can't apply rings and feast that how can Venus is that you just your RD. It's your second guessing it if you're not technically looking for another job and you see something like eight. It'll just Villa an application here dilemma faced by easy online you know as mullah people's you have to do things right or ever gonna forget about that well. That's your. That's your buddies is great and especially how many different beast that is. This is part is tailor made for us I think sell its gonna be interesting to see the impact of of this because of course FaceBook stills that its giant Goliath. It would do to that the sites already that do this thing like Linkedin for example I ellington's been doing that. A second great a care now yeah I think and what about equivalent you're used to make angry at this let's. It link didn't I just don't like it into it what's wrong with you still like it I just don't like half only interface I don't like it did. I don't I think it's stupid I've been out of they've ever seen anyone with that's distinct website before especially one like the league didn't. And I have other sites that I that I'm. That I've disdain for break apart by. I link and gives us I don't I never got into it I didn't maybe it's just because in this industry and I never really. IPad via the I didn't really need to network and been very lucky. In terms of my career and Idaho and you know it can island tomorrow and I I'll Allegiant major I don't know I'm just seems so. Bitter irony this connection we hear I I you know. I don't know you at all but I guess our hopes you got eighteen. I didn't know there cults like I basically the recommendation thing liking you might eat something that basically gloat about amazing again it's like in Tuesday. Now it's still like I want you you you're describing his retention and the super having only did in networking like people that post about the relationships and fate. Exactly what it. It's been evacuated as the I said about busting about what your point thank you for Valentine's day of the bouquet of roses it's about that. The recommendation you got your boss eyes okay I award. I understand now why you don't like linked in this and I don't get awards are recommendations on that nothing about knowledge is resolved. Much is that that's why it taps into the fact that you've never been a networker and maybe that a kind of is that shows you law and everyone else doing in here you are just. Dolan you know you've worked very hard not to see happen of course but now licking for a lot of people like that's I got all my jobs was networking. Don't I I just don't like calling networking. Networking it sounds so he's genuine to me. I feel kind network by definition but you spot meeting people. I'm having a relationship. Season and someone interesting having relationships making connections. Working to sell insult it's genuine and ropes like you're just because you're just doing it to Casey knew that John I'm using you in chief say he done around the pork. I mean that that I know that's not the technical definition for networking it's very beneficial. I just hate turner. Daly making a threat that it's making it acts up. And really didn't you get the word networking site of a very strange list of things despite that. I don't yeah. Her after that I'm sellers are still logo and ordered her and she'll. Which Carter glory. I'm 98 PXY.