Don't Bring Your Kids to "IT"

Friday, September 8th

A PSA from Corey James to parents...DO NOT bring your kids to the new "IT" movie!


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If you're one of the people who went last night but he screening of the new movie I assume you're listening right now because you have been unable to fall asleep. After watching mats. This. Apparently is going one of the scariest movies ever I was actually seeing it that's special screening happens on it in Bangor Maine Megan. And us Stephen King joints. The crew and the people in the movie theater ice I just his feet up on the back here. And he is well I mean considering what goes through his brain I'm sure that probably was but is that but he acted told the crowd you're going to be scared out of your seat anyway it's human is false that. I do you wanted to kind of do little PSA here though is let's throw this out there on in the remake of it you know now being in theaters on that we're gonna go this weekend. Parents. Please. Do not bring your children to this movie do not do it. I mean to me needle like children brought to any movie he's. I why. Why yes OK normally your track meg and usually it is just an annoyance but now I am worried I'm straight up worried. Because there's no faster way to screw your kid up and give them a lifelong phobia and exposing them to horror movies way too early. OK I'm age do wanna know just from my experience and I we've met so. They. You're at it and you assume that I just watched a horror movies on this like nonstop. I feel like five minutes at best and your life is out. I mean let's let's run on this that the heavy hitters list it. The right there terror by a cloud still to this day still freaks me. The movie jaws it literally took me living. The beach to finally feel comfortable going into the water and feeling like I was going to get attacked by a shark tank. Handyman that's all that really got me or movies is a little kids I was probably. Then 8910 rounds aren't I don't know movie my parents would be. C and IE I would but I wish my parents like that. You know designers because you watch these movies and living in the greatest did the agent. Now it's my aging starting. My move. Out of the news that scared. You know neat to see our isn't it went by these jobs I was like. No big deal now. It's not a scary I've already been exposed to death at a young age process I'm okay. It's not a scary as the evil queen loans from Sonoma. That was born in 1925. She can ask. But additional that segment but please parents is still doing just that I know I'm I'm the payments mansi this movie. And I know that when I go there's going to be kits and there. And it's gonna be worried for the rest of the hole there's going to be there or yes I'm telling you right now there is there are parents listening Ehrlich. It's handled it. Yes but you can bring your kid if if you're the that's why I've been to so many rated. I mean let's and who gets completely around you shares yes that some on it which India like later. Possibly. There has access to. Webster theater. Future experience.