Do You Hate Buying Your Clothes at an Actual Store?

Monday, March 20th


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You get I was tired glory yeah. Actual. Absolutely it's believed Melvin percent. Data that came up according to early to keep it rather. Wash dishes. And shop and Stiller in person. We drool and I mean it. Yeah I'm on the least fun towards. I don't need to sell works a lot of people doubt washing dishes is pretty much worse is what they make it machine to do for. One at a reports apple 6000 consumers and live under retail leaders and people are start regard the active physically shopping. Going to a still Barton park in the car walk in and try things on in the dressing room. As the worst experience in the whole world would rather make those purchase it online. So much that nearly a third of the people they survey would rather watch dirty dishes. It actually go to a store to gush. I'm that shocks me that really does shock me watt model we have shop excellent this Camilo. That is so lazy. So incredibly lazy oh god we got it did all we get nor cars drive by a place to park. It's not that hard it really isn't yes maybe for you is it dude. What do you got to buy T shirt and jeans yourself and you already know your sizes because they're the same size throughout everything no actually that's the opposite I wish that the case if that was the case it would be like easier for me to just. Like shop online OK so I had this thought. Because this week it was the final weekend for the Macy's a marketplace mocked and our IP yet stunt stunt I socks and I went. I went on Thursday. Because I heard to have like an eighty or 90% sale items. Cloudy and everything and this place Meghann I'm not kidding you it was a big ghost town. All of this is nothing there was nothing left we were absolute bull terse we picked that place clean and it looked like every. Every scene and any movie that's like an the world really break into a store to try to like fight and supplies but that's what this or looked like. And I thought masonic it couldn't public crossed my mind is. What if it gets the point. This is gonna be what happens every single store and he gets the point where we don't go anywhere for anything anymore and it's all done on line it well. Guess that that's sucks for certain things and look I love shopping online too it's easy it's convenient but when it comes to at least for me. Clothing. I would always rather go out to distort then I would. You bottom line. Because you're man and you literally can just pick out a shirt and beef I pick up her pants. And be fine here and always been like try him on how perfect and that walk out the door or not doesn't that. And your diet -- not done it every brand of clothing for women has a different tasks I need. Like I. I BS size six in one break at a place twelve and another brand ads you have to try out like four different pieces of the same day that after. Wrestling to find a place to park after triangle caller of the sort of front African dressing room that's never where is the hard as it's ever where you think it would be where you're trying things done and then it doesn't fits. And then he got China and Elena doesn't get me Scott the time it may be biased or that you have to bring it back to distort earned it and like I am so tired just even thinking about this you know I would attract close in my living room. A manager sees it watching real housewife. It's funny you said that because I would think that women would feel the op. Opposite just by the fact that it's so hard to. To get the right side because what I'm what do you do you get in the mail becomes well this one doesn't fit OK send it back and wait another five days I'll tell you hardest. Seems like I don't tricky issue to the buying that she would walk up to different science is imminent. Nazi like. Honestly that seems like way more work to me than than anything. And then apple putting your mailbox and then I can Noah just repeat that. A wedge hey hey let's work being. Back to the store although first digging through your purse despite their receipts. Then going. Back to this door and then you find out all now it's on sale so you don't even get as much money that is you did the first time or if you lose your receive public we can give you store Friday an outcry and anyway that line and you're always behind old woman who liked and I. He's got tired of our ten crew pines now. Shopping in stores is that forget it works online job. It's a little wait it out so it is a way yes you're just by like ten above the same item and then to find the perfect one salute salute. We certainly keep in the delivery people witnessed. Woman out there knows. That grooms are the least flattering and place how I'll. I'm now old time now we've got. Looks in the dressing it isn't. Never how it looks in real life if you just look like it disgusting slob in every dressing or the lighting it's the way I hit it left everything he's only got it like hearing everybody in the other rooms like. Tussling not being able to find clothes that you wanna size that you want out socks. Yeah. Do you like in your living room in L pot I. I'm like great British they can show begun to me like I'm right guys you're watching like people make cupcakes trance and means so much and are pleasant experience. If clothing stores come you know it doesn't go to the wayside like dinosaurs. It's gonna be because of the unflattering lighting hit. And drags it out. Well yeah letter writing the other customers in its admiral. Yeah the pushy retail people who don't know what they're talking about I don't know there's just something to about going to the store and just boom I got its instant gratification that's what I want. I'm bringing home I'm here me not want to move forward area Adam good to go I think. I like the local shops like the teeny like that smaller boutiques in Rochester like the local stuff where you can find one of the kind. He's losing yours and you're supporting local shopping local at major department store. And why you go through that hassle. Of like going all the way to the mall finding parking spot try to find decide you want concrete lot a tiny. Search by your side is and your collar and exactly which you not have it shipped to write to your door and I like and an old person but I think yeah. That resisting technology right now. It's not get the coupons and stay out. I do like to bring my my big sister and complete. I consider ring get your addiction to your Amazon prime membership yeah. Everything I ever. Else I agree but when it comes to this is for close to me it is because I know it's just stop even if it's the right size like it doesn't fit my body right and I really just hate putting things back in the mail returning them and that's what it's gonna take it over. He's so that is leak at the opinion easy falcons guy who is let you believe easiest person I now out. Ladies can be to me a court you know how sleazy you let's not let's not appear on the bus in the most first when he hit it actually easier as you are yeah. This should be a jewelry. You even have to have to go inside to try on clothes like other acts would you think that now you'll adore your boxers put your aunt the one that OPEC. Back and gamble because common ailment back at you it's it would inside it got tickets you can do that. So is Corey Harris may edit and he can do that he would yell say take imaginary or I figured I mean that's where else. 98 PX I am.