Did You Hear What They Found in a Movie Theater After Fifty Shades Darker?

Friday, February 17th


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Friday. The last day before February. The Bruins very focused today. Yet it's still pretty. And it needs of our money it paid off a whole week up by these a lot of people get Monday out. And good Monday it could be great weekend highs for the rest of the week including the weekend in. Arctic. Air now I feel bad. I want it to go see a movie this weekend and I just feel kind of guilty of now I know what's gonna be so nice out we'll just go elegant evening then and then in that'd be fun that's not a bad idea and I think it's going to be packed because I. Month that I'd I'd stay in 1950 shades darker. Just to say at died a little. Loud. You. Seat fifty shades darker. By have been seen ala Ali and yeah. Yeah the other. The critically acclaimed movie. Anything nominated for best picture he added the Garrett as an asset your eyes of Manchester by the CIA. Geez I OK just because of that yeah. I think you should see fifty jays starter something a happy guy yeah you need to laugh because honestly I saw on Valentine's Day and that's a good idea slam yes well. If I got out. There's once. I. One so. I didn't get into it and that people are leaving in the theaters treatments and god for you. And all hit it actually what they are leaving in the theaters of fifty should that he darker scenes fifty shades darker are leaving she she. There is quite. Why. Why. Read that it's not for an ace Alex I'll tell you that going RM for really nice little movies and act and looking at a. Now imagine the cucumbers the signs of the theater seats because that's ultimately it's. Actually eat out a few days now mill Asia's yes. See this yet it is funny but nation. This makes me feel bad the same time TO you know lie my. As the for my first thought was those core people that work for them to get hurt. Seriously think about can you imagine they're starving children in Africa I. You got are all over the movie here could you imagine you know this up first job for a lot of people it's working and movie theater country find tons of crazy stuff. My other parts of the movie theater yeah. If he did not diet of can you imagine an eagle and it do your job and clean up and of course people are. Monsters so it's always does a gust you've ever actually liked taking a peek at the theater after the end of the movie no lights go up it looks gross. But finding that I think a few comforts you. Amber's cell phones with like dirty pictures on that night. Knows what else do you size or your brother authors of things that was on your brother's first job that lets his first shot OK with that movie theater was not a fan you know did he come back because I feel like whenever I look in the eyes and any of the networks and movie theater and at least as the clean up. They always kind of have like that thousand mile stare but it is the kind of tent sites I don't know about that but I do you know every time that I see a movie with my brother. Since high school are very thorough in our clean up thing. Making sure everything is taking care. Throw away yeah Hampshire and very low don't believe that crap seats I'm surprised he's not like always CD and going through that trauma analyze it. It's okay he Celine is o.s CD you think that's sad that's the reason why it's if he is to be. I just think of of those jobs that you get near you your first job tenacity may be one of the more access. Would really like is really worried that when it comes out mab get this question if you ever worked at a movie theater may be you do now. Is it really worth the free movies is that the that's right up there is or that. He has to say that the worst part wasn't what was found on the floor the worst part. Is what would be stuck to the bottom of the seeks. I'll row because yes there is gone the other things. I. Mean. Are disgusted that our animals work where animal stuck to the bottom of the sea. Although I ever got that duty that the short straw by our shared I would like with me and how I how easily grossed out I am out last in that job pretends. I was rather tied at that was in cucumbers and it's an actor scraped the bottom of the seats of a movie theater it that's I don't actually punishment. Levy new crime that should be your punishment I. Community service a straight in the seats forget adopt a highway he had the bottom of deceit and I didn't think they would learn their lesson that way. Politics I think text line 698 feuds and who who did eggs intact from some former movie theater employees. I would have thought a ton of chicken bones and a trash bag with duct tape stuck to it again. The duct tape was covered in hair. I'm assuming some dude locked in with a bag of chicken taped to its just like yeah. I thought. And PX line. One hit music station.