Dads Stop Threatening to Kill Your Daughter's Boyfriends

Friday, September 8th

One dad is standing up and saying this needs to end.


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Times have you heard this phrase. From a new or soon to be father when they found out there having a daughter. All the well OK and yeah that's one of them and also the well. Better start my gun collection and I'm my friends that I have have had kids. And and have had daughters because ultimately you just immediately go into that protective mode right. There is a dad now although who is. It was in this is out grabbing a lot of people's attention man's. Name is edgy or welts and he he sounds like an author and. Well I love it he's grabbing attention because this is so rare. And so all you. So that people are on home. We. Mr. Smith does not compute under urged. Acts he's hot streak and keep I hit. This is what he posted online is going viral now it's it's just this little paragraph rules for dating my daughter's. You'll have to. Ask them what their rules are I'm not raising a little girls to be the kind of women who need their dad act like a creepy possessive bad ass in order for them to be treated with respect you respect them and if you don't I promise. They would need my help putting you back in your place. Good luck pumpkin and signed today worn one. I met that in light of weird macho thing. In society for dads Teague threaten their daughter's boyfriend's like aren't up to protect you if you if you do it our all Kelly what a well. Went. This guy's hand and I completely. Love. Is that. If you raise your daughter right. Beach or badly she's gonna kill herself. Yes he did you do are rapidly it's and it's a delay it teach your daughters to stick up for themselves. Rather then a teacher daughters. Door on their rejects unilateral not that I. I don't. Teaches them to stick up themselves not rely on men. Others boyfriends husbands lad new to them. Yes I agree it is the better last than pitcher but do you wanna know where this comes from why every man react the same way. Because you literally to us because your all macho uno restaurant runs and you know your web base of that when you do this has nothing to do with much of its has not nothing to do with being helpful or Herb Thomas didn't like that it all has to do with one thing. All fathers at one point their lives were teenage boys. And we know exactly. How teenage boys think because that's. Well it actually and I and I think it's justifiable. Murder. I know actually legitimately dean's when they say they're going to murder their daughters boys can't did you care. 27 it's just put this little fear of god in them just to make them think a little bit. That. You've got a good eye on her shoulders. She toll will be avoiding the guys that'll be treating her like they don't need to be threatened in teach reading your darn well that always works well at the way. It's the complete ban on the right Indiana into being a good horse. And the run and you into treating someone with respect that never worked amber her. I think by the my favorite line and I've heard that's an example of this is when Ted say what ever you do to my daughter I'm going to Judy you. You never heard it. I've heard that line and I personally thank god I have heard that line from bothers. A bunch that is a bet with something that they've used them. I did not pass. A dad. Who is super macho. Like putting is Eiffel oversold territory answered the door like Mike analysts hill my dad like to talk sports. And just sit in his recliner military you can go to. That one night you know what we bothered anybody boyfriends and that's fine movie. If you if he went the other way would that have because there is pushing your kids too far obviously it can kind of nurture this rebellious behavior. I guess if you go too far that do you think that would've would've caught that trio. I don't know I mean no matter what. I was going to date these bags and that's just. Who I was attracted to uh huh yeah that was just my type back and sell whether he was on the beach you look the later I'm always watching. Or whether he was like. Uncle listening in to many kids get out of here one to not hurt you like that metadata to each bag no matter what and I learned on money out and learn by myself. And now I got to take care of myself down when it comes to match. I think that if it was the opposite crawl appetites and are lying and that's ideal a lot of trouble out lessen the time to let you do is walk all over me. I do need to point out that. You're speaking in past tense and it comes to dating to his ex I think that's still still smokes I'm not. The.