College Is Going to Cost How Much in 18 Years!?

Monday, March 20th


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If you feel queasy this morning you may want them not like Alyssa story doesn't screw us one's reading this may be like her life when you look at ignoring. You know let's say. That we pop out at eight tomorrow. Eighteen years and according to a study from vanguard which is an investment company they're college tuition. Could cost half a million dollars. And so 500000. Dollars to 1618. Years military college kicker is she. Jim and I feel so we'll. In Iowa I got a little queasy when you mention giving birth and that counties and now I actually work. So according to being expressions and rising about 6%. Annually so at this rate when the babies that are born today or tomorrow we're turning eighteen. I Euro higher education at a private school and that throws everything tuition fees room and board is gonna cost more than a 120 that was in dollars a year. Public colleges like or any system 54000. Dollars. I'll a year. At the rate we're going right now if you if you just had a child you might have this considered coming up the road -- like without financially either. Can you imagine the sticker price of a four year degree not just hurt your one child by. Do you have a more than one. 23 kids times that they sat and figures are your kids. That is that is and that scares not really his estimate doesn't have kids but wants them like that sort of the thing that sticks in my head. And into I think. Kids. It's okay. Through this. House right which is why I mean just went in the past couple months governor while most. Released its plan to help make new York state college colleges tuition free issue a lot with it is exactly I know people are giving criticism because of remain board not being included and I would take action in the Fraser yeah yeah yeah you now add but Jack. Knowing that if you advocate it potentially of that plan doesn't appear for New York State. You could be paying half a million dollars for one kids' education spending and they like snakes I'll. And you got it can think he's. Of having a conversation your kid I guess a little Johnny technical school. And when I have. Yeah. They've ever it's gonna be and double winner and you have a bonding and then up up up. There's that they work well to broke for trying to get an edge each and that's it and that's the scariest part is it's it's just to get an education has to start your life. I mean that that's not even the golden ticket Eddie used to be any more on how you're gonna get a great job no matter is though it's going to be amazed. That we knew came here and she can be for nothing. Essentially you couldn't you could not miss holly people you know are doing something which is Cold War. Yeah well a lot. Just doesn't make you doesn't terrified to think about the thought having kids just just that great I. All you got his terrified what terrifies me aids is. Where they wanna go to school I would push stands like to deceive you systems this is not hard who are you sure. A they stay here in Rochester big cheer unlike. I mean. Apparently he could. And try to save money that way I'm I'm sure a lot of parents are. I've gone through that bruiser that's the plan right because I mean what do you know in an independent and how much you make. Not getting any financial aids and an old Alice when I went to school mine I'd died and at any financially it's my parents had to foot the bill for everything. I'm sure others point to me and I didn't like him smarter. And what's enabled so it get a scholarship. I'm gonna try my best to save money if I if I had kidney when it is all I haven't got sick to save money for that site and help out. But I know the way it rising costs are and how much money I. It'd be able to pay for their college in its entire batch just facts unless they get a scholarship are financially. So I want this team the cost of this to deter like should be light up you know what I'm not gonna go to college I can't afford what we try via. Why did not art that's that scares me. It out like not the fact today that I can afford the fact that they might may not be able to afford. Can you imagine though. The size of the party you would throw if you had a kid. And you saved company's probe will this money you actually had enough descent into school and ended up getting that scholarship. The paper at a very well my god who would make it sell more rain outside our guy is it didn't pay for a college so lone Liberal Party. Yeah I. Aetna branded. The fuel we. Mercedes rat. That would be immediately get up out of me. Nasty DX one I was Carter and Corey.