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Pilotless planes are coming. But would you get on one?

Yeah I dunno. It kinda scares me but airlines are developing planes that don't have anyone piloting them. And it turns out LOTS of people are not feeling it. What do you think? Would you hop aboard a plane piloted by a computer? Although as long as I still get my free cookie and sprite, I could... Read More

There's a Cheetos restaurant coming to NYC

They’re opening up a Cheetos restaurant in NYC that has only food made with Cheetos. That’s the kind of place they should open up next to a marijuana dispensary though, right? It’s basically munchies heaven. Cheetos is launching a pop-up restaurant in New York City devoted to Cheetos-inspired... Read More

Wanna talk to your dog? Pet translators are on the way

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Does he really like me or does he only stick around because I feed him? Well, pretty soon we might be able to find out! Amazon has revealed that this technology only might be about 10 years away! Pet translators could be the hot item for Christmas 2027. The... Read More

RIP Microsoft Paint

Remember Microsoft Paint? The program that came pre-loaded on every Windows computer that let you draw random things? Paint was a staple of my childhood. Any time I had extra time in computer class I always went straight to Paint (or sometimes Oregon Trail. If they had that on that computer.) Well... Read More

Rochester is the 8th Most Stressed City in America

WalletHub has compiled a list of the most stressed out cities in the United States, and guess what? Rochester came in at number 8! (Doesn't that just make you feel even MORE stressed?) The list was determined based on factors such as poverty level, average weekly work hours, annual household income... Read More

The world's most expensive fidget spinner costs how much?!

If you have $17,000 dollars lying around and REALLY like fidget spinners, there’s a Russian company selling fidget spinners made with solid gold. This is definitely the most expensive fidget spinner in the world, but there's a little bit of math that doesn't add up here. The fidget spinner, which... Read More

You can snort chocolate now

Just in case you were thinking "Eating chocolate is so boringggg. I wish there was another way to put it in my body" - you're in luck! Because now you Yep, a company based down in Orlando (of course this is coming out of Florida) is selling a product called Coco Loko, which is... Read More

What is and isn't acceptable to put in an omelet?

With yesterday being 4th of July, you probably have a lot of leftover hamburgers and hotdogs. And as amazing as they are, it can get old eating these leftovers for every meal the same way. So why not switch it up and throw your BBQ leftovers in an omelet and have a little taste of America for... Read More

Guy gets hit by bus and then casually walks into bar

I firmly believe that the English are indestructible and that they live forever. A guy in England was casually walking down the street when a BUS VEERED OFF THE ROAD AND HIT HIM FROM BEHIND! The entire thing is caught on video. He goes flying about 20ft! Then, he casually gets up, dusts himself off... Read More

People swoon over sexy Abraham Lincoln statue

They're calling him Babe-raham Lincoln. There is a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Chicago, and it has people on instagram falling in love with the 16th president. The statue was constructed in 1945 and depicts a young, clean shaven Lincoln, with no shoes and a partly unbutton shirt. What a fox!... Read More