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How to Get Over the Tuesday Blues

Tuesday is definitely better than Monday. You're starting to get back into the groove for the week, but...Friday still seems far away. So how can you get over the Tuesday blues and make every day feel more like the weekend? Make a point to take your lunch break Nowadays, it seems that most people... Read More

Being De-Friended on Facebook

Facebook likes to suggest people who you might want to "friend". But what if one of those "friend" suggestions happens to be someone that you THOUGHT you were already friends with? This happened to me this morning. Facebook suggested that I might be friends with someone who I actually used to be... Read More

The new Magic School Bus trailer is out

What do you think? Does it give you the nostalgic feels or do you wish they would stop remaking old shows and ruining our childhoods? I'm somewhere in the middle. Video of The Magic School Bus Rides Again | Main Trailer | Netflix Read More

John Stamos posts naked selfie for 54th birthday

Can you believe John Stamos just celebrated his 54th birthday this weekend? The kids from Full House look older than he does. And he celebrated it by posting a naked selfie on Instagram. He’s not much younger than my dad. If my dad did that, I’d have an intervention. #54 and clean. Thanks for the... Read More

Tiger Woods had 5 drugs in his system when arrested

Woah. That's a lot of drugs. The toxicology report came back from Tiger Wood's arrest in May for allegedly driving under the influence. Turns out he had FIVE DIFFERENT drugs in his system including Xanax, Vicodin, Ambien, THC, and Dilaudid (I don't even know what this one is). Following his arrest... Read More

Meteor shower this weekend! Fun date idea?

You might be able to see a meteor shower this weekend called the Perseid Meteor Shower! It happens every year in August and is supposed to peak this weekend. How romantic of a date night would that be? Unless it’s cloudy. Then you’ll probably just end up getting a garbage plate. Which is STILL... Read More

Donald Trump's childhood home is on Airbnb

Looking to take a trip to New York? You can stay in Donald Trump's childhood home, located in Queens, for $725 a night with Airbnb. This is random. There’s no reviews for it yet, but I’m sure if you asked him he’d assure you it was the greatest listing on Airbnb of all time. Click here to... Read More

BBC worker seen watching dirty videos live on air

LOL just...LOL. Watching dirty videos at work is probably not a good idea, especially if you work for the BBC. There was a broadcast recently where you could see someone watching “inappropriate content” in the background. Although if this happened more often, I’d probably watch the news more. Video... Read More

Pilotless planes are coming. But would you get on one?

Yeah I dunno. It kinda scares me but airlines are developing planes that don't have anyone piloting them. And it turns out LOTS of people are not feeling it. What do you think? Would you hop aboard a plane piloted by a computer? Although as long as I still get my free cookie and sprite, I could... Read More

There's a Cheetos restaurant coming to NYC

They’re opening up a Cheetos restaurant in NYC that has only food made with Cheetos. That’s the kind of place they should open up next to a marijuana dispensary though, right? It’s basically munchies heaven. Cheetos is launching a pop-up restaurant in New York City devoted to Cheetos-inspired... Read More