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Ryan Reynolds sings on South Korean TV show dressed as unicorn

Yes, it was as bizarre as it sounds. There is a music competition show in South Korea called 'King of Mask Singer' that is similar to the 'Voice' - singers wear masks so that you can't judge them based on how they look. Well, Ryan Reynolds decided to go on the show dressed like a unicorn and sang "... Read More

Would this wedding proposal in Syracuse make you nervous?

There's something about getting pulled over that is just nerve racking. But imagine if at the end you found out the whole thing was fake and your boyfriend proposed to you! Would you want this kind of proposal? Check out the video from Rome, NY. Video of Fake traffic stop by CNY police ends in... Read More

Jobs You Can't Take Your Kids To

In honor of 'Take Your Kid to Work Day', here are some jobs that you definitely should NOT take your child to: 1.) Corrections Officer 2.) Firefighter (when there's a fire - if you're just hanging at the station, that's cool) 3.) Hit man (you wouldn't want her/him to be considered an accomplice to... Read More

Elle Winter visits 98PXY

Had a chance to chat with singer/actress Elle Winter about which accent is the sexiest, garbage plates, and emojis. Check out her new song “One More” and her upcoming Netflix movie “The After Party”. Read More

Married couple met on jury duty

This is proof that you can find love anywhere. There’s a couple in New Orleans that met during JURY DUTY. And they just got married in the same courtroom...and the judge from their case officiated the wedding! Romantic? So next time you get a jury summons, instead of pretending to be super racist... Read More

The Mr. Rogers documentary trailer will make you feel things

This trailer almost made me cry. And I'm a grown man. Whatever. Like a lot of people, I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, so I'm excited to see this documentary. Also, as someone who likes wearing cardigan sweaters, I feel a special connection to him. Check out the trailer for the documentary, which is... Read More

You can buy shoes that order pizza

Pizza Hut is making shoes that have a button on them that when you press it orders pizza from Pizza Hut for you. Sounds like a solution to a problem that nobody had, but why not! Check out the pizza ordering kicks here . Read More

Yoga instead of detention

Instead of giving kids who misbehave detention, some schools are having them attend after school yoga. This is really cool, because there are studies that show giving troubled kids detention doesn't address the real issues, like problems at home. Although, if I had this in school, I probably would... Read More

Using an avocado to propose?

This must be the most millennial way to propose ever. Would you seriously want to be proposed to by having your ring inside an avocado? It just seems like a waste of a perfectly good avocado. Like do they at least eat it after? Those things aren't cheap. Read all about it here . Read More

Using beer to de-ice roads?

Apparently, using salt to de-ice the roads isn't great for the environment, mainly fish and water based life. So some towns have actually been using beet juice, molasses, beer waste, pickle brine, and cheese brine as alternatives to salt. That must smell really interesting. Also, side note - if the... Read More