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Spezzano and Sandy

M-F 5:00 - 10:00am

West Sider

Here's what the 98PXY listener described to our artist....

11/12/2013 9:54AM
West Sider
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11/12/2013 10:34AM
West side hahaha
Jersey shore wannabes
11/12/2013 10:38AM
West sider
The artist nailed it.
11/13/2013 7:04AM
I think I hooked up with him last month hahahha
11/13/2013 7:43AM
West side
That's so true
11/13/2013 7:51AM
west side
Omg that's so funny its true
11/13/2013 6:29PM
West side
Not true 😂 lmao , Hilton strong (:
11/14/2013 8:05AM
east siders
This is too funny...this is me and my man I swear...and we're east siders
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