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War of the Roses - TRANSLATED (loosely)

Thanks to Nancy for the loose translation....

Hector-Can you calm yourself!
Isabelle-No!  Now you want to speak Spanish!  You jerk!  Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve been speaking to someone else while I’ve been paying for your bills and debts.
Hector-Let me explain myself, let me explain myself!  Why do you have me on the radio with Spezzano and Sandy!
Isabelle- Explain what!  Here I am like an idiot paying for your bills and debts and you should be sending me the flowers!  So I had to put you on Spezzano and Sandy so it can be revealed you’re a cheater!  Accept it!
Hector-I’m doing a workshop on drama, dancing and music!
Isabelle-  So Christina is in the workshop!  Is it a man or a woman!  Is Christina bisexual now cause you don’t know if she’s a man or a woman!  In what workshop!  You don’t even work!  You’re such an idiot that you left your email open and I read your email!  How long have you been going out with her!?! 
Hector-That just a friend!  It’s just a gift of thank you for helping me.
Isabelle-A friend!  Normally you send one flower but you’re sending a dozen!  Why don’t you send me flowers!  I just want you out of my house and leave me alone you!

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11/08/2012 9:51AM
War of the Roses - TRANSLATED (loosely)
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11/14/2012 10:36PM
War of the roses
Isabelle is smart for kicking him out. Hector was totally lying. U go girl
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