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Bieber. Cut. His. Hair!

Yep Justin Bieber cut those famous locks...kinda.... On the set of a video with Rascal Flatts, he decided to take a littler off the sides and back. here ya go. Thanks TMZ...


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02/22/2011 7:04AM
Bieber. Cut. His. Hair!
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02/22/2011 8:13AM
looks a little more mature
02/22/2011 9:54AM
LOlz !
He still looks good. I liked his hair long, but he looks older :)
02/22/2011 10:00AM
He looks...... Different!! I think I like the longer and thicker hair better, but I guess this isn't too bad, it's still nice :)
02/23/2011 9:25PM
Still a cutie
He looks older(: he's still adorable!!
02/24/2011 12:30PM
that is not true
02/25/2011 4:58PM
Omg I cant believe it! But he still looks awesome!!!! I LOVE You Justin Bieber
02/26/2011 10:16PM
I love his new hair cut. He will look amazing no matter what!!! I love you Justin Bieber!!
02/27/2011 6:42PM
Now he just looks older. He's still hot no matter what he does
03/01/2011 11:00PM
He can pull off any hairsyle!
He still looks good even with haircut. But still he was always known for his long hair, we will friend miss it.
03/02/2011 6:21PM
He is still looking awsum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/09/2011 7:36AM
He's still the same singering just looks older ((Finally)) jeeze it's just justin bever lol
06/09/2011 7:37PM
he still looks fine lol
08/01/2011 4:33PM
He is still a hottie even if he did get his hair cut! There is a kid at my school who is a mini bieber and got his haircut too!!!!!!
03/10/2013 4:15PM
i love your hair cut can you come to Rocherter for performens:) and well your here go to 279 oakwood rd and 25 eglintine
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