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Duffy needs an intervention

The inside of Duffy's car!!!

05/23/2013 5:36AM
Duffy needs an intervention
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05/23/2013 6:02AM
Are you serious?! You know how much that you can recycle and save the earth? Duffy... Love you man, you need some help.
05/23/2013 6:33AM
Oh my
I feel like that car is going to just die and or eventually it will have to wear a beware of avalanch sticker
05/23/2013 8:14AM
Oh my godddd
That looks like my sisters car- idk how people can handle their car being so gross- Duffffyyyyy :(
05/23/2013 8:22AM
get a 50 gallon drum and a pitch fork lol
05/23/2013 9:28AM
You have just made my car look clean!!!! Hahahaha
06/13/2013 9:32AM
06/24/2013 9:10PM
At least Duffys car makes mine look clean compared to my car but compared to my sisters car she would win
06/25/2013 1:52PM
that is just ewwee get a new car or clean that ewwee
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