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Spezzano and Sandy

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Hilton student getting asked to the prom

How cute!

03/22/2013 6:36AM
Hilton student getting asked to the prom
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03/22/2013 10:09AM
Great Job!
This young man did a great job! Good luck to both of you and have fun at your prom.
03/22/2013 3:30PM
They are awesome!
I love their family! I was a friend of his sister... those twobare the cutest I just love them!! Way to go Louis!! Haha
03/22/2013 7:36PM
So sweet!
What a great memory for both of them!
03/26/2013 10:34PM
Awe lucky girl :)
That was too cute :) I am happy for you
03/28/2013 8:21AM
Doesn't that seem a little overly dramatic for just asking to go to prom? I know if I was in school and had to sit through that, half the people would of been boo-ing!
04/01/2013 9:05PM
How messed up
This is bullcrap why kiss In school and sceriously a bunch of hot guys singing this is kinda gay
04/04/2013 4:54PM
This is awesome! I live in Hilton and I didn't even know that this happened!
04/05/2013 6:07PM
You guys are so mean! Louis is very gentleman like to do this so stop being mean. Really cool way to go!
04/11/2013 9:01PM
04/12/2013 7:37PM
So nice Louis!!!!!!
Louis is so nice to that girl!!! So nice of you Louis!!!! Such a good couple I think!!!!!!
04/23/2013 11:54PM
I go to this school and this is the first I have seen this. I don't know why he made it so dramatic when she is his girlfriend, obviously she would go with him
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