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Spezzano and Sandy

M-F 5:00 - 10:00am

She asked him to...

Here you go...Scottie demonstrates what we had to beep out of this monring's War of the Roses:


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12/05/2013 7:01AM
She asked him to...
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12/05/2013 7:26AM
Help me understand
I don't get it.... help me - what do you mean?
12/05/2013 7:40AM
Very easy to guess. Thats awesome :)
12/05/2013 7:52AM
She asked him to ;)
Nice salad tossing Scott! ;)
12/05/2013 7:53AM
No clue!
12/05/2013 7:53AM
That's hilarious, awesome picture guys!
12/05/2013 7:53AM
I don't get it
I don't get it
12/05/2013 7:53AM
I dont understand
What do you mean?
12/05/2013 7:53AM
Ross her salad?
Toss her salad?
12/05/2013 7:54AM
Toss salad
Wow , that's not that crazy!! Nasty yeah
12/05/2013 7:54AM
I don't get it
I don't get it either
12/05/2013 7:54AM
salad mix :)
He'll end up doing anyways...She will find someone else
12/05/2013 7:54AM
Exactly what i thought it was.
12/05/2013 7:54AM
Nice photo
Salad tossing... I has a Spanish girl do that to me took me by surprise... Not sure if I like it or not other news she swallows
12/05/2013 7:55AM
sounds tasty
Does that come with ranch dressing? Lol
12/05/2013 7:55AM
Very good Scott. Lmao. That's not as bad as some things I've heard.lol
12/05/2013 7:55AM
open minded ..
I have done a lot, but no clue
12/05/2013 7:57AM
Ugh!!! I don't get it either.
12/05/2013 7:57AM
best salad ever
if its all good and well. ...CLEAN .. its amazing!
12/05/2013 7:57AM
Salad fixings
Hahaha nice way to describe it
12/05/2013 7:59AM
Dont worry Sandy
I'm a westsider and I don't know what you guys mean either.
12/05/2013 7:59AM
no idea
Don't get it, what is it she wants him to do ???????
12/05/2013 7:59AM
She did ;)
That's gonna make me ranch!
12/05/2013 7:59AM
Just tell us!
For all of you that got it!!! Just tell us what the heck it is!!! I don't get it...
12/05/2013 7:59AM
I'm not understanding this one!
Can you tell me what she said??
12/05/2013 8:01AM
Eat the mud pie!!! Lmao!!
12/05/2013 8:01AM
Sandys not alone. I still don't get it but I'm a east sider hahaha
12/05/2013 8:02AM
Someone just say what it is!
12/05/2013 8:03AM
12/05/2013 8:04AM
Google this exactly
Urban toss salad
12/05/2013 8:06AM
I don't get it!!
12/05/2013 8:07AM
Toss her salad?
I think i know but i could be wrong. Please someone jus say it
12/05/2013 8:07AM
Not east v west
More prude or not Sexually adept or not
12/05/2013 8:07AM
Not bad
Did worse ;)
12/05/2013 8:08AM
Lick her anus
12/05/2013 8:09AM
That's why west side guys are the best
12/05/2013 8:10AM
This is foreplay 101
12/05/2013 8:12AM
12/05/2013 8:16AM
That is funny!!!!
12/05/2013 8:20AM
War of the roses...help! Naive!!!!!
I don't get it...can u tell me
12/05/2013 8:29AM
Hahaha at first I was like what the heck is in front of his face, then I saw the salad and it all came together
12/05/2013 9:00AM
no big deal
Anus taste like arse
12/05/2013 9:32AM
Truck driver frm buffalo ny In Brockport this morning..listening to this sation for the first ...awesome..hilarious..!! #Angel P
12/05/2013 9:35AM
Love Tossing AND getting Tossed
12/05/2013 9:55AM
what the hell is that I don't get it either
12/05/2013 11:00AM
I'll tell you dimples ;)
12/05/2013 11:30AM
Tossing the salad
= Licking out someone's butthole.
12/05/2013 11:49AM
Fun fun fun
Nothing gross or sick about it at all. AS LONG AS YOU ARE CLEAN! Great for the giver and the receiver!!! Love it!!
12/05/2013 7:08PM
Can't say on radio
You really couldn't just say "toss her salad" on the radio? Seriously? That's a cheap way to get site views...
12/06/2013 6:25AM
That's disgusting ...why would she say that on the radio lol ...she's def gonna find someone else
12/06/2013 6:26AM
What does tossing salad have anything to do with licking someone's but hole??
12/06/2013 6:28AM
Look up tossing salad on urban dictionary
12/06/2013 8:02AM
My husband knew right away!!!!!! Of course I had noooooo idea.
12/06/2013 10:58AM
If she wants it done and can find someone to do it than good for her. Everyone likes to do different things sometime. If she wants adventure though it sounds like she needs someone new.
04/10/2014 12:37PM
British guy
Love this one! This was the best one yet.
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