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Spezzano and Sandy

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Posts from March 2013

Today's Spezzano and Sandy Communicake!
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Hilton student getting asked to the prom
How cute!
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Miley Twerks in a Onesie
Is this the new Harlem shake?
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This guy hit a deer, put it in his trunk to take it home to a deer processor. Police see him on the side of the road and pull over to investigate. He told them the story and when the police opened the trunk to check the deer's tags...
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Topics: Human Interest

Spezzano and Sandy's "WHEEL OF STEVE"
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ready for a good cry?
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What the...?!!
This scared the crap out of us this morning! Who did this? Whay are we in his mouth? where do you get a "hello my name is" sticker THAT big? so many questions!!
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Selena Gomez sends a message?
Selena Gomez and her friends dance to "Everbody Knows (your boyfriend is a douchebag)" Is this a message to Justin Bieber?
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Beach proposal fail
Watch as his perfect proposal gets washed away...
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Here's the girl who threw the shoe at One Direction
Here's the picture of the girl who threw her shoe on stage, accidently hitting Harry in the "no no" spot
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Topics: Human InterestLaw_CrimeSports

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