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Sandy Waters

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Proof that anyone can write a book

NY Times Best Selling Author in the...Whore category

01/20/2011 5:47AM
Proof that anyone can write a book
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01/20/2011 6:45AM
To Drink, or Not To Drink
Well, first of all, she can't even read her own book, so that's just sad. Second, she would have used a ghost writer who would interview her and magically turned her hot mess of a life into a book. Third, just because thousands of morons purchased the book doesn't mean it's a work of art. I highly doubt any high school is going to say, 'Now let's read from the Book of Snooki and praise her for her wisdom.' It's a best seller because she's our Nation's joke; now there's something to be proud of and tell the grandchildren. She's an idiot.
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