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Oh no she didn't!

This is just not right

05/20/2011 5:32AM
Oh no she didn't!
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05/23/2011 12:26PM
Oh my...
All's I can say is...wow!
05/26/2011 6:37AM
Alright, I really love Khloe. But this is gross. First of all, the denim button up only looks good on men with bulging muscles cutting down trees with burly manly beards... Second, her vagina is eating her pants, yuck. And third, the shoes are super uglyand look like Keebler Elves would wear them while making fudge cookies in a giant tree.
06/13/2011 3:04PM
She really needs to fire her fashion consultant...there ant a snowball chance in hell she is comfortable it that haha
07/29/2011 8:44AM
2 thigs to say
1. picture reminds me of the half human half horse mythical creature. really, if you ad the horse body with two more legs. think about it. 2. They run a clothing store. "Dash". need i say more.
10/21/2011 10:50AM
I like Khloe but that outfit is just gross.
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