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Posts from June 2011

Classin' Up KT Perry
I love this.

Throwing a violin into "Last Friday Night" almost makes me forget it's about puke, threesomes and grass stains.


P.S. Roomie & I are headed to Toronto to see Katy live on Thursday! Yaaaaaay! Time to make a cupcake bra!

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If I had known Robert Jeffery in 1991, we would have been BFFs. Can I borrow those shorts? You can totally borrow my Rollerblade Barbie. Strike a pose.
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Half Year Resolutions
This cool little nugget via The Frisky made me realize...holy CRAP. 2011 is HALF OVER. What do I have to show for it?

Well, I quit smoking (ish). A few slip ups here & there...but I'm human. And in it's place I developed a freakish obsession with Plants vs. Zombies. Other than that...yeah. I can't really think of anything. So maybe half-year resolutions are a good thing! Instead of looking at June as "I wasted half of the year sitting on my flabby ass trying to prevent zombies from eating my brains," I can look at it as a fresh new start. Glass half full, bitches!

Here's a few ideas I'm throwing around for some half year resolutions...

1) Explore my hood.

I was talking a stroll down Park Ave with one of my friends from out of town. She kept stopping at places and asking "How's this place? Is the gelato as good as it looks?" "Is there really a museum in there?" "What do they have to eat?" My response to every inquiry was: Shrug. "I dunno. I've never been." I've lived in the same house off of Park Ave for 5 years now. I love my neighborhood. But there are definitely places on Park Ave that I need to check out. Maybe visit a new spot every week?
(And yes...of course I've been to Jines. I'm not a recluse. Just lazy.)

2) More books. Less internet.

Yup. That's a picture of a kindle. Not a book. And that is where I will be doing most of my reading. Don't hate the player. I used to love to read as a kid... why did I stop? Oh yeah...because the Internet was invented. And now instead of perusing the classics I can spend my time looking at this. And this. And ohgodthis. Extra motivation: I'm dating an English teacher - which makes it really easy to feel like a dumbass.

3) Organize my closet/bedroom/life

That is really my bedroom- as it looks at this very moment. And that is all I have to say about that.

4) Drink more water.

Water energizes you, fills you up, and takes away your hangover. I need more of it.

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