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Posts from March 2011

Smart Girl.

Trust me. More things will be crossed off as you get older, Lil' Mama. Soon the only thing left will be the last one.

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Lady Gaga goes Hick
...and by hick I mean YEE-HAW!
...and by YEE-HAW! I mean country.
...and by country I mean God Bless America.

Ok, before I dig myself into a bigger ditch, here's Gaga's "Country Road" version of "Born This Way."

Speaking of digging, I dig this. Then again, Lady Gaga could make gurgle sounds on her next single and I will think it's genius. I'm a tad biased. Thoughts?
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R.I.P. Dame Elizabeth
Why am I so fascinated by Elizabeth Taylor?
To me, she was more than that girl from Little Woman or the name of Charlotte York's dog. She was one dame I wouldn't want to mess with.

Maybe it was her bajillion marriages? Her bajillion diamonds? Her temper? Her class? Her odd friendship with Michael Jackson? Her tempestuous, on-and-off relationship with Richard Burton? (Stay down, Brad & Angelina)

Whatever it is, I have been in awe of her for years, and I am feeling a little empty today.
Rest in peace.
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Katy Perry as E.T.?

Here's a sneak peak of Katy Perry all made up for her new video E.T., debuting 3/31.

I'm filing this away as a possible Halloween costume for this year. She. Looks. AWESOME!
I'm scared. Scared in the good way.
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If this isn't a good reason to quit smoking...

(via buzzfeed)
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Happy Birthday Grandpa!
Lots of goings on this past weekend! Let me see if I can fill you in...

First and foremost, after weeks (months) of picking chicken wings out of my teeth and slugging scotch ales, Friday night I finally became the mayor of Jeremiah's Tavern on foursquare. This is a reaction shot BF took right after it happened. As you can see, I am overwhelmed with emotion.

The next day, after my show & a quick stop for a Shamrock Shake (nectar of the gods), I was on my way to Albany for the weekend to visit the fam. Saturday was both my Grandpa & my Aunt's birthday. Makes it easy to remember, huh?

  I had two. Honest.

The family favorite. Her name is Tootsie. I did NOT name her. She's a spoiled brat. A cute spoiled brat, though... if eating, barking & being afraid of everything is your sort of cuteness.

This is my Grandpa. He's the man. He turned 85 on Saturday. I couldn't get him to look at the camera. On the table you can see all of the crap that he (and I) indulge in around the house...salted peanuts, chocolate bars, jelly beans... The man has been eating this stuff for years and is as healthy as a horse. I wish I got HIS genes.

A note my Grandpa posted front & center on the fridge. It reads: "I'm the boss in this house this week because Sharon & Donna said I could be." Sharon is my Aunt. Donna is my mom. I wonder where my bossy personality comes from. Hmm.

A portrait someone painted of my Grandma in the 50's.


The song I cranked over and over on the way home.

I ended the weekend taking a cold walk in Corn Hill with BF, coffee with Baileys in tow. If you haven't taken a walk at night over the Ford St. bridge...do it. It's seriously one of the best views in Rochester. BTW, I didn't take this pic. Are you kidding me? Pixelpunk did.

All in all, a successful weekend. I hope yours was great, too!
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