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Katy Perry shows off her candy pillows

I fully admit that I'm not as blessed as some women, and I seriously love Katy Perry but I'm not sure about this?  It looks like she's trying too hard doesn't it?  It 's like she quick cut her stockings as a last ditch effort to keep the dress together.
Not flattering at all

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People : Katy Perry

02/07/2011 6:00AM
Katy Perry shows off her candy pillows
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02/07/2011 8:50AM
Tensile Strength...
I think Katy is trying to visually describe the merits of using different materials for construction. I now know what I’m going to use for my next erection, forget steel, forget re-enforced concrete; I’m going with nylon mesh. I like the dress, I wouldn’t wear it myself, (I’m a 300lb man for a start), but it does the job. Good effort Katy, keep up the good work.
02/07/2011 8:53AM
i agree
Not flattering at all. I do think her chest has gotten bigger.
02/07/2011 11:59PM
im not being mean but that is so stupid.. she should just wear her BRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/08/2011 7:02AM
i dont really know hwat i think as i cant see the rest of the dress the upper half looks a little revealing but mayb with the full package it goes better... def great booobs though nooone cana rgue that
02/15/2011 6:32PM
Wow! Way to much cleavage keep it to your self:)
02/17/2011 10:01PM
06/24/2011 10:14AM
she is hot
04/15/2012 1:44AM
i want there
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