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Scott Spezzano

Spezzano & Sandy
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Release The Squirrels!

Me and the boys got to release the squirrel  I found injured last fall. The good folks at Eastridge animal hospital rehabbed her and another male squirrel too. They got nothing on Lindsay Lohan!

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Scott and Jill go wedding band shopping at Mann's

 Top 3 Questions about Wedding Bands answered by the experts at Mann's jewelers!
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WTF is up with Ke$ha's mom-jeans bathing suit ??

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Bieber. Cut. His. Hair!

Yep Justin Bieber cut those famous locks...kinda.... On the set of a video with Rascal Flatts, he decided to take a littler off the sides and back. here ya go. Thanks TMZ...

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Happiest VD!

This is a BIG heart!
A 30 foot heart and a 50 foot arrow suspended in the Wayland-Cohocton area. You can see it from Rt. 21 suspended from a crane!

Matt loves AMY

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Homeless guy with the golden Voice



Scott gets the ring! Part 1

 My Quest for the perfect Engagement ring from Mann's Jewelers!!!  PART 1
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A Spezzano Christmas Tree!

 Plus football :)

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The photobooth shots of the proposal!

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Hey, I finally did it!
I, Scott Spezzano, Proposed to my girlfriend, Jill Meteyer at the George Eastman House at the photo booth! here's the ring!

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