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Scott Spezzano

Spezzano & Sandy
Mornings: 5:00 - 10:00

Happiest VD!

This is a BIG heart!
A 30 foot heart and a 50 foot arrow suspended in the Wayland-Cohocton area. You can see it from Rt. 21 suspended from a crane!

Matt loves AMY

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02/09/2011 7:02AM
Happiest VD!
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02/09/2011 8:27AM
02/09/2011 9:11AM
Giant heart
I love it!!! you guys rock!!
02/09/2011 10:31AM
Matt & Amy
I love you both!!! I want to come see this heart!! You guys are the best!!
02/09/2011 2:36PM
Hell yea...
Its great how we show our love out here in the sticks :)
02/09/2011 4:01PM
Nothing Like A Lil Redneck Luvin
Hey guys couldnt have thought of a better way to spend Valentines Day other than out in the ding weeds in the freezing cold. Seriously. Life doesnt get any better. Luv big sis.
02/09/2011 4:48PM
this is gayyy
Bunch of rednecks!!! how many teeth are you guys missing?
02/09/2011 4:51PM
Fake heart
This is a fake!
02/09/2011 5:03PM
Re: Fake heart
Its real.. don't be jealous because you don't have a girl friend that will help you build anything!
02/09/2011 5:31PM
Re: this is gayy
Jesse we have all of our teeth thank you very much don't be jealous you can't do something like this hahaha
02/09/2011 5:34PM
Re: fake heart
Hahahahaha butchy women
02/09/2011 5:41PM
I love butchy women
This is jesse
02/09/2011 7:11PM
Cool Valentine's Present
Coolest Valentine's present I have ever seen!
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