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Party Rock Anthem NEVER gets old...

Just when you think Party Rock Anthem is over...it never gets old!!!

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Recycled Birthday Cake?

Thanks to Mike Danger & Sandy Waters for getting me a cake...their daughter Leah's leftover cake from her birthday...2 weeks ago. Thank you.
(BTW, I'm 25, not 27...)
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Screw Planking...Owling.

Screw Planking! That's old news.

The new fad is OWLING. Observe:

Just don't "Owl" on a bridge of tall building.
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I Geek Out To This.

If you missed any of the 2011 ESL Rochester International Air Show...you're welcome.

Some awesome footage of the Blue Angels show on Sunday!
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Darien Lake + Duffy = Priceless.

98 PXY took over Darien Lake on Thursday (7/7)...and it was a good time! Duffy from Spezzano & Sandy was hangin' with me, going on the rides (you could say it was a mini-mancation).

I wanted tohop on the Ride of Steel, and Duffy was hesistant. Now I know why:

He was terrified. Priceless.
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Best. Night. Ever.

I live for nights like these. 

Last night's PXY Summer Jam was definitely one the best nights of my radio career. You can check out pics here

Plus, I got to hang out with 12,000+ of my closest friends/fans! YOU!

...this is just icing on the cake...

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Britney, Ke$ha, Minaj - TTWE REMIX!

It's the new trend! REMIXES! 

This is a whole lot of hot mess!! Mmmm...

BRITNEY SPEARS feat. NICKI MINAJ & KE$HA - Til The World Ends (Remix)

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America's Got Talent

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Lady Gaga's Graceful Fall

Everyone does it...even Mother Monster, LADY GAGA...

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Rihanna & Britney Spears S+M Remix

BRITNEY SPEARS wants in on the S+M action with RIHANNA?

Check out the "S+M" remix...

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