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Ehhh, I'm a little skeptical

I have faith.  I don't think you can really label the faith I have under the banner of a specific religion, but I have faith. 

My faith comes from inside me.  My beliefs.  My will.  My feelings towards the people I interact with.

I'm not suggesting more people share the faith beliefs I have, but it seems simple to me.  Sometimes bad things happen.  Things you cannot control.  You have to be strong.  You have to fight through.  You have to have faith.

Not to get too deep on a Friday, but I'm only bringing this up because my friend Shawn sent me a link to a site who ran a story on the faith healer Braco.  Braco's deal, apparently, is to get on stage and gaze into the crowd providing all of the answers these lost souls have been looking for.

I'm trying to be open and accepting.  I know everyone's different.  But, come on.  You're going to spend your hard earned money on a guy who looks like a low-rent Fabio, staring blankly at you for an hour? Or, someone with a powdered wig and flowing robes? THAT'S THE ANSWER YOU WERE LOOKING FOR?  Recession my ass.

Crazy world.  Someone oughta sell tickets.

Here's Braco.  Does he provide all of the answers you're looking for? You decide.  I won't judge.  Kidding.

Oh, and if you can't get to Braco, don't worry! He's on Skype! Finally!  

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04/15/2011 9:12AM
Ehhh, I'm a little skeptical
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04/18/2011 8:12PM
please read.
Can you guys at 98pxy please stop playing the song s&m by rhianna? I'm 22 and enjoy sex and all however I feel this song is just...stupid. I love rhianna but this is a huge down grade in comparison to all of her other songs. This song makes me want to kill myself. Not really but it does drive me insane. Thanks for reading and I hope you stop playing that $h*t song :) Much love, always a fan, Jacqueline And p.s. I feel 100% The same way with your look on faith and religion! okay now I'm done!
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