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Spezzano and Sandy

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Note to self: " Dont do oil pulling while driving."
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Is Jayz cheap?

Jay-Z is beyond rich. Right? Then why did he get Beyonce' this $2400 bracelet? It's like getting a snickers bar from CVS for Valentines day. What do you think?

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What makeup can do!

All we can say is WOW!
Bieber's new girl in her 2011 mug shot and in one of her most recent selfies
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Amazing Viral Photo

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Scotty's Hottie pick of the week

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Engagement Season is here!

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Duffy before and after

And here he is...The Winner of The Roc City Phat Club:

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She asked him to...

Here you go...Scottie demonstrates what we had to beep out of this monring's War of the Roses:

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Christmas List

Well I guess It's going to be an overpriced American Girl Christmas
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"East Sider"

This is what you described an "East Sider" to look like...

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