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Spezzano and Sandy

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Duffy before and after

And here he is...The Winner of The Roc City Phat Club:


12/06/2013 5:42AM
Duffy before and after
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12/06/2013 8:02AM
That's so awesome!! Losing weight is such hard work!! Good job Duffy!!
12/06/2013 8:18AM
How did you loose the weight??
12/06/2013 8:26AM
Way to go Duffy. Keep up the good work!!!!
12/06/2013 9:23AM
Yea Duffy!
Keep rockin' brotha, you look great!
12/06/2013 9:38AM
You look Great!!!
Great job Duffy!! It's not easy. Can you share your life style change and how you did it?? I love listening to you guys in the morning...
01/31/2014 12:04PM
where's duffy
where are you?
02/03/2014 8:20PM
What happened to Duffy?
02/10/2014 8:10AM
where is duffy
okay where is duffy
02/11/2014 11:16AM
where is duffy did he leave the show
02/13/2014 10:26PM
What is the problem, where is Duffy?
02/17/2014 8:14AM
where is duffy. loved listening to him. whats up?
I loved listening to Duffy. What happened to him?
02/19/2014 9:07AM
Did Duffy get fired?
02/19/2014 11:47AM
Where is Duffy ???????? His laugh was so contagious. Couldn't help but laugh with him. Sure do miss him. Should at least let the listeners know where he went.
03/04/2014 8:24PM
Duffy where r u????!
No goodbye. No round of applause. Just disappeared. :( GIVE US SOME CLOSURE!
03/05/2014 2:37PM
Did Duffy go to 96.5 WCMF? I feel I heard him on that in the morning once when I am froced to listen to it due to my driving companion that day. Is it true??
03/19/2014 7:18AM
Where is Duffy did you guys replace him that's not nice at least let the public know...
04/15/2014 3:40PM
Duffy where did you go? with moose at least they let us know where he was going and gave us a countdown to him leaving.
04/16/2014 8:39AM
Where and why did he leave? It would have been nice to send him off with good wishes. It would have been nice to know he was leaving :(
04/16/2014 6:15PM
where the Duffy go?
04/17/2014 9:17AM
Found Duffy
Hes on 96.5 WCMF. BUT WHYYYY?! I love Spezzano, but Sandy is just an old, sheltered, overbearing Italian woman. lets get someone fresh in there!!
04/17/2014 9:24AM
I'm not trying to spark a debate or be mean about Sandy - but cmon! The show is unrelatable to its intended listeners.
06/04/2014 6:39PM
Where did he go? Loved his stories..miss that in the morning.
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