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Megan Carter


Corey James





Chris Konya


Megan Carter

Hometown: Schenectady, NY.

Now Lives In: Proud South Wedger!

Birthday: September 14.

Family: My Mom, Dad, & my (older/wiser/much more responsible) brother hold the fort down in the 518. Shout out to my future dog that I’ll be getting as soon as I get on my landlord’s good side.

My favorite things: MUSIC,the Red Sox, (good) beer, sunglasses, kittens, impromptu dance parties, food trucks, fall, Mad Men, funny hats, my comfy purple couch.



Corey James

Bio: I enrolled at SUNY Brockport in 2002 and quickly fell in love with radio while working at the campus radio station, WBSU 89.1 The Point. From there I took several part time jobs in Rochester, including my first on-air gig at 98PXY in 2005. I landed my first full time job in radio in Albany, NY at WKKF 102.3 Kiss-FM. For 3 years, I would work nights and also was named assistant program director. After budget cuts cost me my job, I went from being "on the beach" to living at an actual beach taking a job at WVHT Hot 100.5 in Virginia Beach, VA. I held down the night show for two years before transitioning to mornings, which I was doing for the past three years, and was also named Music Director of the station late in 2013. Now all has come full circle, since I've returned home to the place where it all began, with fellow Brockport graduate and friend, Megan Carter.




Bio: Hellllooooo friends. My name is CK (Chris Konya) and I’m the voice you hear every weeknight. I love talking about how “a new survey says…” and “the top things that…”.  I also love to lie and tell you that I’m friends with every artist that we play on the radio! I’m sarcastic and sometimes abrasive but it’s ALWAYS in good fun.

The person that I make fun of most frequently is me, which seems weird because I love myself more than anyone else on earth.




From: Buffalo, NY.

Loves: Cozy sweaters, Star Trek, Netflix, and free food.

Dislikes: Autocorrect (but knows he needs it to survive).

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