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Sandy Waters

Spezzano & Sandy
Mornings: 5:00 - 10:00

Congrats to my little sister

What an awesome weekend! My little sister got married...she looked so beautiful

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BTR sooo cute

Soo love them but unfortunately my daughter doesn't feel the same 

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This is exactly how I feel about the Kardashian wedding too

Nobody takes this wedding seriously lol!
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Oh no she didn't!

This is just not right
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Scott was sexting me last night!

Control yourselves ladies!

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Naked Duffy?!

Jeremih is coming to the 98PXY Summer Jam!!! Do you think he would be impressed with this?

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Rhianna's Rolling Stone pic

She's got such a little head
Look close...her shorts are painted on!

In the article she talks sexting, bad boysand her attraction to the dark side. 

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Casey Heynes talks about fighting back to being bullied

Casey Heynes -- the bullied 16-year-old kid from Australia who gained fame when a video showing him defending himself went viral online -- revealed in an interview that the bullying got so bad, he once considered suicide.

Heynes sat down with "A Current Affair" in Australia, saying it was his sister that got him through the tough times.

As for the infamous video, Heynes said he was scared that day and was trying to diffuse the situation before his tormentor's friends joined in.

Casey is my Hero!
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Demi Lovato gets new tattoo inspired by her fans

Out of all the hot mess celebrities, I truly think Demi Lovato wants to get her life back on track. 
Scottie disagrees and says that her tattoos are a publicity stunt. What do you think?

The new wrist tattoos were inspired by her fans.  They read Stay Strong

The heart was something fans were drawing on their wrists in show of their support while Lovato was undergoing treatment for “emotional and physical issues” last year.

“I wanted to thank my fans in a way I know can never be forgotten” the 18-year-old explained in a video for cambio.com.

In her first tweet since getting out of rehab: , “Guess who’s baaaaaaaack…!!!!!!!” and followed it up with “I love you guys SO MUCH… this support is UNBELIEVABLE!! I’m tearing up I’m so thankful…”

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Snooki on a rocket

Snooki on the cover of  Rolling Stone magazine. 

She admits: “If I do something stupid, which is pretty much the whole time, I hate it.  I just hate it.  Obviously, they’re only going to put the good stuff in, and the good stuff is us drunk, so all I’m seeing is me drunk and falling down.”

“That’s how I am when I party, but some of the stuff I do is, like, ‘Really, Nicole?’  I look like a freakin’ alcoholic.  I’m like, ‘You’re sweating, your makeup is running, you look gross.’  I just look like s...”

Snooki described what it is like to be filmed 27/4, which she claims is incredibly stressful: “It messes with your head.  That’s why we go crazy.  That’s why we fight with each other.  That’s why we drink.”

“We’re living in a house for two months with that s....  We can’t have cellphones, TV, radio or the Internet.  If the president died, we’d have no idea.  There’s no normalcy.  It’s just like prison, with cameras.”

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