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Casey Heynes talks about fighting back to being bullied

Casey Heynes -- the bullied 16-year-old kid from Australia who gained fame when a video showing him defending himself went viral online -- revealed in an interview that the bullying got so bad, he once considered suicide.

Heynes sat down with "A Current Affair" in Australia, saying it was his sister that got him through the tough times.

As for the infamous video, Heynes said he was scared that day and was trying to diffuse the situation before his tormentor's friends joined in.

Casey is my Hero!

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People : Casey Heynes

03/21/2011 7:06AM
Casey Heynes talks about fighting back to being bullied
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03/30/2011 1:46PM
i saw the origional video of him being picked on and wanted to throw the bully myself. I am glad he finally stood up for himself! if i could, i would give him a hug!
05/02/2011 7:39PM
only a matter of time...
Bullying exisits everywhere in EVERY school across the globe. If we don't teach children to be kind to others but respect OURSELVES enough to 'diffuse' an unfair, ongoing, act of cruelty..How can we then expect children to avoid or put a stop to bullying in the first place.Its a common way in human existance that defines who we are as a person at a measurable level...ALPHA or OMEGA??? Clearly in Casey's situation he went from OMEGA to ALPHA because he finally accepted the challenge and WON! Well Done Mate, i would expect my son to do the same!xoxo
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