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Sandy Waters

Spezzano & Sandy
Mornings: 5:00 - 10:00

BTR sooo cute

Soo love them but unfortunately my daughter doesn't feel the same 

09/14/2011 8:00AM
BTR sooo cute
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09/14/2011 10:41AM
but mine does...
Thank you SOOOO much Scott and Sandy... my 6 year old is now BEGGING to come to the Jingle Jam to see BTR... She is even offering to give up Santa's visit this year for Christmas if he will bring her tickets... how can I say no to that, thanks guys!!! You know the show is going to be over run with pre teen girls now, right??? Guess I will be seeing you there, hopefully I can win some tix!
11/26/2011 12:58AM
#1 fan
Hi Scott sandy duff meg and raph ,I was at the grand opening of mcdalonds I saw meg told her to say hi from me izzy.t told her I can't by tickets but when I told my g- ma and she got me tickets .SO freken happy so look out 4a sing. A jingle jam saying izzy t Love u sooooo much from your # 1 fan Izzy.T
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