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Carrie Underwood Goes to the Dogs
When some people let the world know they're with child, they do it simply. A phone call to their parents, perhaps an announcement card in the mail, maybe even a simple email or Facebook message. If you're Carrie Underwood, that's far too...
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NudeStock? NuderGate? What Do We Call This?
The internet was buzzing all weekend with the news that nude photos of some top-shelf lady celebs existed and had been posted on-line. Actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton were two of the victims. According to all reports, their cell phones...
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Just Call Me Kendall
Kendall Jenner is no longer using her surname. She's going simply by Kendall. This isn't anything new, she says. It's just that the media picked up on it recently, that's all. She's been simply Kendall for about a year now, to make things easier...
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Brangelina's Wedding Album - People Magazine Has It
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie said they wouldn't get married until everyone could get married. But it looks like they relaxed that standard a little bit. It's old news now that they got married secretly in France a week or so ago. Now the news is that...
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A Kim Trim
Kim Kardashian trimmed about three inches of her hair over the weekend. Her fans are probably camped out near her mansion, hoping that the Santa Ana winds will blow a lock or two their way. A treasured keepsake, for sure. Someone's going to have...
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Usher's Official Butt Check
Okay, we can admit it. Kim Kardashian's rear bumper is probably her best asset. It's certainly helped her get where she is today – rich and famous for virtually no reason whatsoever. Many people suggest that Kim's had work done on her...
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