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98PXYRochester: Today's the day where everyone says "I'm never drinking tequila ever again." - @Debbins98PXY
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A Sea of Hats & Horses
USA Today
The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs happens May 6th & 7th. Who will be the breakout star this year? Trojan Nation? Suddenbreakingnews? Maybe Mo Tom? The names of some of these horses just "kill" me. We'll be updating this USA Today image...
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Prince Inspires Jamie Lee Curtis To Reveal She Was Addicted To Drugs
As we all await the toxicology report on Prince to come back, many are speculating a drug addiction had something to do with his untimely demise. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis decided to speak out and reveal her own drug problems. It's a very eye...
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Justin Timberlake Just Broke Summer
There's a possibility I've been listening to this non-stop for the last hour. JT's summer game is strong. Justin Timberlake just dropped "Can't Stop The Feeling" and it's suddenly feeling like a dance party. It's his...
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The Most Popular Baby Names In America Are...
Actress Emma Stone
The most popular baby names for 2015 were revealed this morning on The Today Show. Not many changes, so expect to see a President Noah or a President Emma in about 35...
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Madonna Slams Haters Of This Met Gala Outfit
Madonna at the 2016 Met Gala
You may have seen some of the bizarre fashion at the Met Gala Monday night. The whole idea is for attendees to wear something outside of their comfort zone. Madonna looked the least strange to me, probably because we've seen her wear so many weird...
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Buy A Ticket To Adele's Concert And She'll Offer To Carry Your Baby
I assumed Adele's concert tickets were selling pretty well - I didn't realize she had to offer a gift with purchase! Adele brought a same-sex couple on stage at her Copenhagen concert Wednesday night. While they were up there they got engaged....
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